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Good News Friday – war edition

Last week I couldn’t bring myself to post a Good News Friday installment. The news seemed to be unrelentingly bad and I couldn’t shake myself out of my depression. Another terrible week has gone by with heavy losses by the … Continue reading

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Checkpoints: the price of peace

The necessity of checkpoints within Israel and between Israel and Palestinian-controlled territory has been discussed many times before. I posted a video on that subject over two years ago, and sadly nothing has changed. The following video (via Andreas Fagerbakke‘s … Continue reading

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Talks about talks with Iran and the Palestinians

Several important foreign visitors have been in Israel for talks this week. US Secretary of State John Kerry has been visiting the region and various positive statements have been issued although no substantive decisions or solutions have been proposed. John … Continue reading

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News from the Middle East that we missed over Rosh Hashana

We turn off our computers and phones for two days and look what happens: An Iranian scientist revealed on Monday (1st day Rosh Hashana) that separate explosions targeted two of Iran’s uranium enrichment sites back in August: Iran’s most senior … Continue reading

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Israel is less peaceful than Syria and Iran according to “study”

The Global Peace Index (an Orwellian name if ever there was one) has completed its annual global peace index survey, and come up with the totally unsurprising conclusion that Israel is one of the least peaceful countries in the world. … Continue reading

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It’s Bash-Israel time again for foreign diplomats and politicians

CIA Director Leon Panetta is back at his favourite game (last played in October) of “urging Israel to end its isolation” – as if it were up to Israel to end it. In a replay of his previous statements, he … Continue reading

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