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Turkey at risk of international blacklist because of terrorist funding

Turkey’s economy might well be put at risk if it does not seriously tackle its financing of terrorism, according this article in Hurriyet.  However, the terrorists that Turkey is considering blocking are not the ones that Israel might have wished … Continue reading

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Oops! Turkey kills 35 of its own citizens. Double standards at work

On the night of 28th December, Turkey accidentally killed 35 of its own citizens in an air raid along its border with Iraq. Thirty-five villagers were killed and another was injured in a Turkish military air raid along the Iraqi … Continue reading

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Turkey sends 10,000 troops across Iraq border. Double standards at work

Reeling from an assault on a Turkish army post by PKK fighters, leaving 24 Turkish soldiers killed, Turkey dispatched 10,000 troops to its border area with Iraq, crossing into Iraqi territory in an attempt to hunt down the Kurdish PKK … Continue reading

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