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And now the bad news: the anti-Israel ICC; terrorists released in the Shalit deal return to terror

Sadly but unsurprisingly, there has been no shortage of bad news lately and I suspect that this situation will continue. The International Criminal Court, the ICC,  has gone against all precedent and broken any kind of law rule-book, in order … Continue reading

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The Middle East peace talks – what just happened?

The last 24-48 hours have been like a crazy roller-coaster ride for Israelis and Middle-East watchers. The Obama-Kerry inspired “peace” talks between Israel and the Palestinians have taken so many turns, upsets, switchbacks and hairpin bends that anyone trying to … Continue reading

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We are our own worst enemy

It is patently obvious that more often than not we are our own worst enemy. From providing electricity to Gaza while at war to releasing murderous terrorists in return for nothing, we sometimes seem to have no sense of acting … Continue reading

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Those settlement-building announcements – they’re recycled over and over

Remember last week’s horrific release of 26 murderous terrorists in exchange for “peace negotiations”? (How could anyone forget). In the government’s mistaken way of thinking, in order to make the release more palatable for the Israeli “right wing” (an egregious … Continue reading

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The “peace talks” that are supposed to be encouraged by releasing terrorists are bound to fail

After yesterday’s outrageous decision, to be implemented tonight, to release 26 terrorist murderers in order to bolster Palestinian “President” Mahmoud Abbas and to give him confidence to sit in the same room as the Israelis and talk about peace, it … Continue reading

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Who is going to build our confidence?

Terror is on the decline they say, and yet it is reportedly on the rise. Security cooperation with the Palestinians is stronger than ever they say, and yet terror attacks continue unabatedly, and with ever-increasing frequency. Edited to add: 2 … Continue reading

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