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America’s Egyptian conundrum

Despite the Obama Administration’s fumblings in Egypt one can also feel a little sorry for them. On the one hand they did not like the idea of a Muslim Brotherhood government leading Egypt, and Morsi’s actions while he was in … Continue reading

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Meltdown in Egypt

The anti-army, pro-Morsi protests in Egypt have been growing larger and more violent by the day, and with them so has the army’s response to these protests. The army’s response as well as violence from the protestors has resulted in … Continue reading

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Turkey – the sick man who would like to be in Europe

Over a hundred and fifty years ago, the apocryphal story goes, the Ottoman Empire, Turkey’s forerunner, was dubbed the Sick Man of Europe by Tsar Nicholas I. It seems that the sickliness is back and once again Turkey would like … Continue reading

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Could this be a real Turkish Spring?

The “Arab Spring” uprising was originally intended to oust dictatorships and bring in democracy. Unfortunately it rapidly turned into a nightmarish winter with the rise of Islamists, sometimes through the very democracy that the protestors were demanding. But could the … Continue reading

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American embassies attacked in Cairo, Benghazi, one American killed, because of a film about Islam

Ah, those moderate peace-loving Muslims. It only takes a film to enrage and inflame them to such an extent that they will storm American embassies around the Middle East, and kill any available American that they can find. In Cairo, … Continue reading

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Bloodbaths in Egypt and Syria

The violence in Syria has reached such heights, with so many protestors having been killed – the UN puts the number as at least 5,000 – that the Arab League is threatening to take Syria to the UN. The Arab … Continue reading

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