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Good News Friday – Shushan Purim edition

You may have had received the impression from previous posts that the Purim festival has been and gone. You would be wrong. :-) Today is Shushan Purim, the “second” day of Purim which is celebrated in Jerusalem and in other … Continue reading

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Purim Same’ach! Happy Purim!

Enough of all the gloom and doom and politics and propaganda. Purim is here and it’s time to celebrate! The festival began at sundown this evening  when we went to shul and heard the *Megillah being read, with the ra’ashanim … Continue reading

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“For if you remain silent at this time, rescue and safety will come from another place”

The words in the title are a direct quote from Megillat Esther, the Book of Esther, which Jews worldwide will read on Wednesday night as Purim begins.  The background to the story is the plot by Haman the Agagite, the … Continue reading

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Purim Same’ach! Happy Purim!

The festival of Purim began this evening as soon as Shabbat went out. We’ve already been to shul and heard the *Megillah being read, with the ra’ashanim of various sorts – from toy gun caps to bells, whistles, rattling keys … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

This week’s Good News Friday post is going to be a bit different than others that have gone before. Today’s Hebrew date is 14th Adar I.  It is called Purim Katan, “Minor Purim” to remind us that in a regular year (not … Continue reading

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Political lessons from the Purim story

Since it is still Purim today in Jerusalem, it is timely to be reminded of the modern-day lessons and parallels that can be learned from the ancient Purim story as written in the Megillah. Barry Rubin has written a very … Continue reading

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