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The resurgence of European nationalism

Last week we saw the results of the radicalization of Europe’s huge influx of almost unlimited Middle Eastern immigration over recent years with the murderous terrorist rampage in Paris. This growing extremism amongst the Muslim immigrant classes throughout Europe is … Continue reading

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Antisemitism: The good, the bad and the ugly

Three reports in recent days illustrate the good, the bad and the ugly in views about and actions towards Israel and Jews. There are many other reports in a similar vein, but these three incidents simply occurred at the same … Continue reading

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Patronising the Palestinians

One of my readers accurately commented on the previous post that nothing will ever progress towards peace in the Middle East until the essential problems between the Palestinians and Israel are recognized and dealt with. Hiding our head in the … Continue reading

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Anti-Zionism is bigotry

Melanie Phillips nails it when she calls out anti-Zionism for what it is – bigotry. Ms. Phillips is never backwards in coming forwards in pointing out the double standards relating to Israel, but this latest article of hers is outstanding. … Continue reading

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Anti-Israel activists attempt a pro-terrorist stunt

Yesterday’s Anti-Israel Stunt of the Day™ involved an attempt by six activists pro-terrorist sympathisers to travel by bus from Ramallah to Jerusalem without any permits. The goal of this stunt, of course, was to discredit Israel and show her as … Continue reading

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Durban III – the UN’s hatefest

This coming Thursday, September 22nd, the UN will be holding another “anti-racism conference“, commonly known as Durban III after the first  “UN World Conference Against Racism”, which took place in Durban mere days before the 9/11 attacks.  The esteemed Anne … Continue reading

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