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Yemen insurgency shows the danger of the lack of a coherent US Middle East strategy

In Yemen, which was not exactly a stable country let alone an advanced or democratic one, the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels have marched in and taken over in a coup that has caused an outcry in Yemen and has seen local … Continue reading

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The pitfalls of intervention in Syria

It is looking more likely every day that the US, probably together with other Western countries, will intervene militarily in Syria in response to the regime’s chemical weapons attack on civilians near Damascus last week. The potential for major disaster … Continue reading

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Syria and Egypt can’t be fixed by the West

Here are some of the latest headlines out of Egypt and Syria. A menacing war of words is developing between Egypt and Ethiopia over the building of a new dam, and the Arab world is now wondering whether Egypt has … Continue reading

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Poor Hamas. I could almost feel sorry for them

The twists and turns of Middle East politics are enough to make one dizzy on a slow news day, but this story gives me a small dose of schadenfreude: Hamas are going through a hard time in recent days. Their … Continue reading

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Will it be Hezbollah or Al Qaeda on Israel’s Syrian border?

As has been widely forecast, the Syrian civil war, which has occasionally spilled over Israel’s border, has now reached the Israeli border crossing itself. The town of Quneitra, where the Israel-Syria crossing point is located, today briefly fell into the … Continue reading

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The Syrian missile crisis and other Syria updates

The news coming out of Syria about Russia’s sale of S-300 air-defence missiles to Assad  is more and more confusing. Syria is getting S-300 missiles. Oh no they’re not. Oh yes they are. Perhaps they are, perhaps they’re not, but … Continue reading

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