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Some hypocrisy for the weekend

A couple of interesting items caught my eye in the last few days, and their juxtaposition highlights in the clearest of ways the utter un-self-awareness of the West in their behaviour towards Israel; their total obliviousness to their screaming hypocrisy: … Continue reading

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The Red Cross defends the Red Crescent’s neglect of Israeli murder victims

The news out of Paris has pushed the dreadful murder of Rabbi Yacov Litman and his son Netanel out of the headlines these past few days, but there is one very important detail that must not be ignored. We are … Continue reading

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Delegitimization and demonization of Israel: From the UN to the EU to the Red Cross to Iceland and Brazil to an elementary school in Ithaca

The campaign to delegitimize and demonize Israel knows no bounds: anything and anywhere can be a target or a blunt instrument in this vicious campaign. In no chronological order, the past week has seen the following: The UN has turned … Continue reading

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Knesset to disscuss MDA commitment to cease operations in Judea & Samaria

A few weeks ago I reported on the saga of Magen David Adom (“MDA”, aka Red Star of David) being required by the International Red Cross to cease using the Red Magen David symbol while operating in the West Bank … Continue reading

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Is MDA removing red Star of David from its Judea & Samaria ambulances under ICRC pressure?

This story has crept by under the radar, but it was brought to my attention just yesterday by Zvi who lives in the Shomron.  He heard about it from arguments in their local town council about funding of various community … Continue reading

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