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Commemorating the Middle East’s other refugees, the Jewish refugees from Arab lands

The words “Middle East” and “refugees”, when placed together, immediately conjure up a picture of Palestinians fleeing the fighting in Israel’s War of Independence in 1948 (known by the Palestinians as “the Nakba”, the Disaster), although lately they also bring … Continue reading

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European aid to Palestinians is wasted while Syrian refugees are desperate for help

Despite European irritation at Israel at its refusal to accept their meddlesome guidelines on settlements, Europe is equally unhappy at funding the Palestinians since they discovered that most PA civil workers are not in fact working (besides the fact that … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Some of the items in this post were supposed to go at the end of yesterday’s post, which was going to be a “First the good news, then the bad” type of article. But there was unfortunately so much bad … Continue reading

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Turkey takes advantage of Israel’s economy but is no political ally

In theory, Turkey and Israel ought to be on the same side. Both fear the collapse of Syria into a failed Islamic state, and yet do not want Bashar Assad to emerge victorious from the civil war.  Both countries too … Continue reading

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Guest post: UNRWA – Not part of the solution but part of the problem

This is another guest post by Brian Goldfarb, a frequent reader and contributor to this blog. “Not part of the solution, but part of the problem” – What is? Well, if we’re talking about the Middle East and Israel/Palestine, then … Continue reading

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Palestinian Anti-Semitism in the guise of anti-Israel incitement

The other day we saw how Palestinian brainwashing and incitement inculcates a deep and abiding hatred of Israel into the next generation even in far-away Canada. Unfortunately for all of us, the incitement continues much nearer to home and is … Continue reading

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