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Incitement, peace talks and releasing terrorists

The three items mentioned in the headline ought, in a sane and civilized world, not to have any relation to one another.  In the Middle East where Israel is involved however, as we all know, the three are intricately and … Continue reading

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About those Palestinian “heroes” to be released for “peace”

I am so furious and so frustrated I could spit and scream. As reported last week, Bibi is indeed going through with the release of the worst, most violent and longest serving Palestinian murders doing time in Israel’s jails, all … Continue reading

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Perverted logic: Releasing murderers for peace

What kind of inverted and perverted logic demands that murderers be released from prison in order to prove the peaceful intentions of the side that is more eager to achieve peace? Palestinian logic, that’s what. For some reason the balance … Continue reading

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A Palestinian airline bomber is released from US jail but Jonathan Pollard remains incarcerated

Ahead of President Barack Obama’s visit to Israel tomorrow, Israel is awash with petitions, posters and protests asking for the release of convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. Even such diverse personalities as former Israeli captive Gilad Shalit and top model … Continue reading

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ברוך הטוב והמטיב Blessed is G-d who is good and who does good That is the traditional Jewish blessing on hearing good news.  How long we have waited until we have been able to write such a wonderful heading. Gilad … Continue reading

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The Gilad Shalit deal: details and update

My previous post about the upcoming release of Gilad Shalit has been keeping me very occupied. Thank you everyone for your interesting comments and the earnest exchange of views.  This deal is so controversial and yet so desired by so … Continue reading

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