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US’s espionage on Israel also caught up members of Congress

In a scandalous “gotcha” moment, it has been revealed that despite Barack Obama’s promise to stop spying on allies, the US continued its espionage on Israel  – thus displaying perhaps its true feelings about its “closest ally in the Middle … Continue reading

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Two great videos defending Israel in the media

Here are two videos, radically different from each other, but each with the same message. First is Ron Dermer, Israeli Ambassador to the US, who staunchly defends the IDF’s actions while castigating CNN for its biased and lacking coverage of … Continue reading

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Netanyahu to New York Times: Take a hike

A couple of days ago, New York Times opinion-writer (and self-opinionated pompous blowhard buffoon) Thomas Friedman penned a disgraceful article essentially accusing the “Israel Lobby” of manipulating Congress. I sure hope that Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, understands that the … Continue reading

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