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Insecurity for Israelis should not be a given

An interesting article in the Algemeiner highlights the way we Israelis have internalized something that should have been left behind in the deep dark Galut (Exile): the feeling of insecurity and of living at the whim and behest of others. … Continue reading

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The Pope’s visit to the Holy Land

Pope Francis is making a whirlwind tour through the Middle East while trying to avoid any political minefields – yet even with the best of intentions he seems to be stepping in quite a few of them. First, a précis … Continue reading

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It’s Israel Apartheid Week once again. Let’s counter the vicious smear

The vile Jew-hating Jew-baiting Israel Apartheid Week (IAW) has kicked off again in the US and Europe. The IAW is a major advocacy event of the BDS (Boycott, Sanctions, Divestment) movement, and offers seminars on what is termed the Israeli … Continue reading

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Calling on my London friends to protest the anti-Israel “Bethlehem Wall” at St. James’s Church

In my post last week about the annual anti-Israel nastiness at Christmas-time, I mentioned Richard Millett’s post about a disgusting display of blatant anti-Israel prejudice, verging on the antisemitic, put on by St. James Church in Piccadilly, who built a … Continue reading

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Annual Guardian anti-Israel Christmas hate-fest

As if the daily anti-Israel reporting from the Guardian is not enough – with its bias, slanted news, the microscopic focus on the most tangential items from Israel if it puts Israel in a bad light, not to mention their outright … Continue reading

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