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Antisemitism update: the good, the bad and the ugly

Antisemitism is the illness that never goes away and like a virus, it mutates and morphs with the times into whatever is the acceptable “hatred of the day”. Once upon a time it was purely religious, later it was “scientific” … Continue reading

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Labour investigates its own antisemitism, finds nothing, insults Israel and Jews

True to his promise earlier this year, following several instances of antisemitism in his party, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn commissioned an inquiry into antisemitism in the party, chaired by Shami Chakrabarti.  Sadly the investigation descended from farce into outrage and … Continue reading

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In the British Labour Party, antisemitism springs from the top down – Update: antisemitic member readmitted

The nasty phenomenon of antisemitism in the British Labour Party is not leaving the news, and for a very good reason: The indefatigable Douglas Murray of the Gatestone Institute explains that in the UK Labour Party anti-Semitism springs from the … Continue reading

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