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The London 7/7 bomber’s connection to the Tel Aviv Mike’s Place bombers

Tomorrow, the 7th July, is the 10th anniversary of Britain’s equivalent of 9/11 – the 7/7 terrorist attacks on the London Underground and a red London bus on 7th July 2005, killing 52 people and injuring over 700 more. A … Continue reading

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Antisemitism? Let’s blame Israel and the Jews!

This is a subject that won’t go away, and however much I read about it, there always seem to be yet another case, yet another article or yet another tweet, where the writers or speakers either deny that they are … Continue reading

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Once again “Israel hit back first”, or Israel struck for no reason

UPDATED (several times) at the end of this post. As I remarked in yesterday’s post about the renewed missile fire into Israel’s south, I wanted to make a point about the timeline of events in case the international media reversed … Continue reading

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How not to report on Israel (and how it can be done correctly)

Most of us are aware that much of the international mass media (and I include English Haaretz in this as they are considered the Israeli edition of the Guardian)  simply do not “get” Israel.  They either misunderstand, misrepresent or blatantly … Continue reading

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So much for the cancelled border protests

Events overtook me today while I was at work, and my post of this morning is already out of date.   Four Syrians were killed at the Israel-Syria border fence (or three, or six, depending on which report you read), … Continue reading

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