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Jonathan Pollard spied on Arabs and Soviets, not on the US

Contrary to all the reports and rumours over the decades, it now appears that Jonathan Pollard, the Israeli spy imprisoned in America for life, never spied on American activities at all  and was never asked to by Israel.  Rather, he … Continue reading

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About those millions of shekels directed to the settlements

There is a constant refrain amongst certain sectors of Israeli society, echoed in the international media, NGOs and the like, that successive Israel governments filter off millions (even billions) of shekels to the “illegal”* settlements, to the detriment of regular … Continue reading

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Towards resolution of Israel’s social protests

It appears that the social protests which have taken over Israeli streets this summer are on their way to some sort of resolution, however incomplete. The Interior Ministry has authorized the construction of 930 housing units in Jerusalem’s Har Homa … Continue reading

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Will the politicization of Israel’s social protests backfire?

The participants in the massive social protests which are taking place in Israel might be shooting themselves in the foot by allowing leftist NGO’s to influence, if not take over, the protests. Right-wing NGOs pulled out of the housing protests … Continue reading

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Social protests in Israel

Over the last month or so, social protests have erupted all over Israel. They started with the Great Cottage Cheese Crisis and snowballed from there on to protests about the high cost of housing, whether to buy or to rent, … Continue reading

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