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Good News Friday from the Galilee

You may have noticed that I’ve been rather quiet this week. The reason for this is that I’ve been on holiday up north with all my kids and grandchildren, staying in a “Tzimmer”, i.e. a holiday villa, in Dalton, a … Continue reading

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Good News Friday – Tu Bishvat edition

The day is short and I’m nearly out of time, but there is still  time to post a Good News Friday edition. Tomorrow is the minor festival of Tu Bishvat, the 15th of Shvat, considered “the birthday of the trees” … Continue reading

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How BDS aims for the destruction of Israel and supports terrorism

For anyone following the fight against BDS, and for those combatting the euphemistic “anti-Zionist not antisemitic”, the latest actions of BDS disprove their claims that they are “only” anti-occupation and not anti-Israel. We have all heard in recent days about … Continue reading

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The malicious aims of BDS

Following on from Brian Goldfarb’s guest post on how to fight BDS, it is instructive to note how the latest moves by the BDS bigots seem devoid of all logic – at first glance at any rate. However if you … Continue reading

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BDS-Fail News

We need some good news for midweek too, not just for Fridays, especially after the very difficult last few days. With the anger at John Kerry for threatening Israel with a boycott if we do not capitulate to his “peace” … Continue reading

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Israel’s Scarlett Defender

I was going to keep this for my Good News Friday post later on, but I decided that Scarlett Johansson, with the courage of her convictions and her standing by her principles, deserves a post of her own. I mentioned … Continue reading

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