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Here we go again: Barrage of dozens of rockets from Gaza pound southern Israel

Was it in honour of British PM David Cameron’s visit to Israel? Or in revenge for Israel’s capture of the Iranian missile boat? Or in revenge for the IDF’s killing of 3 Palestinian terrorists who launched mortars at IDF positions … Continue reading

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Rocket fire out of Gaza once more

After a relatively long period of quiet (a few weeks) Palestinian terrorists fired 6 rockets at the south of Israel. Two were shot down by the Iron Dome, the other four hit open areas and thank G-d no one was … Continue reading

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Constant drip of attempted terror attacks go unreported in international media

The last few days have seen several attempts by Palestinian terrorists to harm Israeli citizens, but reports in the international press have been minimal to non-existent. The major terror attempt was a drone, flying from the direction of Lebanon, attempting … Continue reading

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Post-Operation Pillar of Cloud final roundup and analyses

When considering Operation Pillar of Cloud, and the Israel-Gaza crisis in general, it is helpful to consider “how did we get from there to here?”. To me it seems obvious that the “original sin” was the withdrawal (aka “Disengagement” or … Continue reading

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Explaning the uneasiness about the ceasefire

In my previous post I spelled out quite clearly my own, very negative and suspicious, feelings on the subject of the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. I am not alone in these sentiments. I bring you here a … Continue reading

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“We cease, they fire”. So much for that “ceasefire”

Did anyone say “Ceasefire”? What a joke. From the Times of Israel live blog (the tail end of yesterday’s, really).  The items are in reverse chronological order. 11:25 The remains of a Katyusha rocket were found in the Negev, Ynet … Continue reading

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