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Jonathan Pollard spied on Arabs and Soviets, not on the US

Contrary to all the reports and rumours over the decades, it now appears that Jonathan Pollard, the Israeli spy imprisoned in America for life, never spied on American activities at all  and was never asked to by Israel.  Rather, he … Continue reading

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Zionist Rock of Doom

Another mysterious story about the long arm of Israeli Zionist spy agencies emerges from Iran, via the not always reliable Sunday Times. The story is behind a paywall so I’ll quote from Ynet instead (h/t Honest Reporting). Iranian troops uncovered … Continue reading

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FBI wiretapped Israeli embassy – but Israel is an ungrateful ally

These two contradictory headlines both appeared in this morning’s papers and managed to raise my blood pressure in an unhealthy way. The spying scandal is extremely offensive on a number of levels: firstly, that the US would spy on an … Continue reading

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Will the US finally show some mercy towards Jonathan Pollard?

Morris Pollard z”l, Jonathan Pollard’s father, passed away over the weekend.  Pleas from Jonathan’s supporters to allow him to visit his dying father went unheeded. Now we wait and see if he will be allowed to participate in the funeral … Continue reading

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