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Terror attacks in Canada – and more stone-throwing in Jerusalem

Israel has sadly not been the only victim of Muslim terrorism this week. In two terrorist attacks in Canada two soldiers were killed and several people injured. In the first terror attack, in an echo of yesterday’s attack in Jerusalem, … Continue reading

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Thank you Mr. Harper

Israel has eagerly welcomed Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and with very good reason. Under Mr. Harper’s leadership Canada has become Israel’s staunchest friend in the world, with Australia coming in at a close second as exemplified by this week’s … Continue reading

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Israel’s isolation is a myth

Israel’s haters and detractors love to stress Israel’s “isolation”. Even those who are ostensibly our friends warn us of the isolation we will suffer if we don’t listen to their good advice by which they want to save us from … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Here’s another in my Good News Friday series. The first and most important piece of news is actually something that’s been ongoing for a while: Canada’s transformation, under PM Stephen Harper, into Israel’s strongest supporter in the world. Back in … Continue reading

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Bravo Canada!

Of all the nations of the free world, only Canada has the principles, the gumption and the courage of its convictions to do what’s right regarding Iran, and on Friday it severed diplomatic relations with Tehran. Canada’s Conservative government said … Continue reading

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