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Good News Friday

Last week I skipped my Good News Friday installment because of the tragic news that week.  I had hoped to post earlier this week but, as you may have noticed, I didn’t get around to it. But Friday has arrived … Continue reading

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Israel, civil rights and the apartheid smear

I know I’ve written about this subject several times before, but the apartheid libel just doesn’t go away. If it looks like the smear campaign against Israel is failing, some bigot like Alice Walker will make darned sure it makes … Continue reading

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Did we or didn’t we?

Bomb an armaments factory in Sudan, that is. The Sudanese say we did: An arms factory in Khartoum where there were blasts and a huge fire overnight was attacked by four military planes, a Sudanese minister said on Wednesday, blaming … Continue reading

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Why are African refugees solely Israel’s problem?

A group of Eritrean refugees has become trapped on Israel’s border with Egypt after trying to cross illegally into Israel, behind the new security fence that has finally been constructed along the border’s length.  Israel is refusing to allow entry … Continue reading

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Out of Africa – the Middle East connection

Two stories concerning the Middle East but originating in Africa have emerged in recent days, albeit in two completely different countries and in unrelated events. In the first story, Nigerian Islamists showed how peace on earth works by bombing three … Continue reading

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The long arm of Israel’s security forces

A mysterious bombing in Sudan which killed two people has been blamed on Israel by the Sudanese government.  Sudan says they are “absolutely certain” that Israel carried out the attack but they do not know the reason. He said Israel … Continue reading

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