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US Supreme Court confirms State Department delusion: Jerusalem is a stand-alone city

We have witnessed the ongoing surrealism (surreality?) of the US State Department insisting that Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel, and this week the US Supreme Court confirmed this stance when they issued their decision that Menachem Zivotofsky cannot … Continue reading

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Supreme Court overturns Hanin Zouabi’s disqualification from running in elections

As I suspected in my earlier post on the traitorous Hanin Zouabi’s disqualification from running in the upcoming elections, Israel’s leftist Supreme Court overturned the disqualification: The Supreme Court on overturned the Central Election Committee’s decision to disqualify MK Hanin … Continue reading

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Message from the US Supreme Court: Jerusalem is in Israel

Further to my blog post from a few months ago about Menachem Zivotofsky, an American boy born in Jerusalem, whose parents requested to have Israel recorded in his passport as his country of birth instead of “Jerusalem” as a city … Continue reading

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Migron compromise thwarted by Supreme Court

The status of the Migron community, mistakenly called an outpost, has been rumbling in the background for years, with claims and counter-claims as to who is the real owner of the land it sits on. What is clear is that … Continue reading

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A win and a loss in media bias cases

A great morale-boost was granted to Israel yesterday when a French court acquitted an Israeli doctor of slandering a Palestinian in the Mohammed al-Dura case. For those who do not remember, Mohammed al-Dura became one of the abiding icons of … Continue reading

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Flotilla flop finale and other goodies

Today the Israeli Navy intercepted the one and only boat that managed to sneak past the Greek coastguards and approach Israel’s territorial waters.  In case we didn’t know already, the boat and it’s foolish flotilla fellows had no humanitarian aid … Continue reading

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