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Terror in Brussels Jewish Museum – 4 killed including 2 Israelis

Yesterday afternoon 2 terrorists drove up to the Jewish Museum in Brussels and opened fire, killing 4 people, amongst them an Israeli couple from Tel Aviv, who have now been named as Emanuel and Miriam Riva: The Foreign Ministry confirmed … Continue reading

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France, Secularism, political correctness and antisemitism

A couple of articles in the last couple of days highlight two opposing phenomena related to France’s Muslim community: one leading to Islamophobia and the other leading to Muslim Antisemitism. Having separated Church and State long ago, France is now … Continue reading

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How media bias helps exonerate anti-Jewish attacks

In my previous post about the arrest of the Toulouse school attacker, I wrote: It’s going to be interesting to watch the reactions from both left and right as the identity of the terrorist murderer becomes clear. We need wonder … Continue reading

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Breaking: Toulouse school shooter apprehended – affiliated to Al Qaeda

In breaking news (which is still ongoing), the terrorist who attacked the Jewish school in Toulouse is being apprehended in an armed stand-off.And it turns out that he is indeed one of the “usual suspects” after all, admitting that he … Continue reading

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Toulouse Jewish school shooting update

The victims of the dreadful shooting attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse have been identified as Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, a teacher in the school and an Israeli national, his two small children and Miriam Monstagno, the 8 year old … Continue reading

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Shooting attack at Jewish school in France: at least 2 children killed

There has been a shooting attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse, south-west France, leaving 2 children and one adult dead. [Update: 1 adult and 3 children have been killed. See my update post on the attack]. A multi-victim shooting … Continue reading

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