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Meanwhile, upheaval in the rest of the world

While we in Israel have been caught up with the wave of terror and violence that has been sweeping Israel in recent months, the rest of the world has not been standing idly by. Paris, Brussels and the rest of … Continue reading

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ISIS terror wave hits 3 continents. When will the world wake up?

On Friday, three terror attacks in three very different places on three continents with very different targets and victims were carried out by ISIS or other jihadi terrorists. In Kuwait a mosque was bombed, killing at least 13; In France, … Continue reading

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China and Russia veto UNSC call on Assad to resign; US disgusted

In fact it could safely be said that the entire civilized world is disgusted at China’s and Russia’s veto of the call for Syria’s President Assad’s resignation at the UN Security Council, but it was the US Ambassador who so … Continue reading

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Category: Now there’s a surprise

We’re heading into yet another week of family celebrations (another niece’s wedding, plus a cousin’s) so I shall condense my blogging for the moment into a link dump of sorts. Under the category “Now there’s a surprise” (sarcasm being my … Continue reading

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The Arab Spring flowers in Tunisia – ushers in Islamist party

Tunisia has been regarded as one of the only successes of the Arab upheaval, having managed to avoid the huge bloodshed and violence which have characterised the revolutions in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain.   Yesterday Tunisia held its first … Continue reading

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How’s that Egyptian spring going?

When the Egyptian uprising first unfolded many good souls were full of the joys of (Arab) spring and forecasting democracy, equal rights for all, and puppies and rainbows and all sorts of good things. People who warned against getting carried … Continue reading

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