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The British Parliament’s vote to recognize “the Palestinian State”

I’m reluctant to post bad news on erev Chag, but I didn’t get around to this yesterday and I don’t want to ignore the issue. On Monday the British Parliament took time out from its domestic woes – the NHS … Continue reading

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After UK intervention is voted down, only the French will ally with America?!

The news overtook me as I was writing my earlier post about the possible blowback on Israel from an American and Allied attack on Syria. Overnight we learned that the House of Commons (the British Parliament) voted No and rejected … Continue reading

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Bill to legalize Givat HaUlpana defeated

Further to my post from Monday explaining the background to the Givat HaUlpana problem, the bad news for the right-wing camp is that today’s Knesset vote on the bill to retroactively legalize Givat HaUlpana was defeated. The Knesset, in a … Continue reading

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China and Russia veto UNSC call on Assad to resign; US disgusted

In fact it could safely be said that the entire civilized world is disgusted at China’s and Russia’s veto of the call for Syria’s President Assad’s resignation at the UN Security Council, but it was the US Ambassador who so … Continue reading

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Britain wobbles on supporting a Palestinian UN bid for statehood

Melanie Phillips wonders aloud (in print) whether Britain is going to vote for a Palestinian state at the UN when it comes up for a vote some time in the next week or two.  Ms. Phillips cogently sets out the … Continue reading

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