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Or else what Mr. Hague?

Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague made a very undiplomatic, almost overt threat against Israel today not to undermine the Iranian nuclear deal: Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague said on Monday that Israel should avoid taking any action that would undermine … Continue reading

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An open letter to William Hague

On Day 5 of Pillar of Cloud I mentioned the hypocrisy of British Foreign Minister William Hague in warning Israel that it will lose support if it starts a ground invasion of Gaza.  This is what I wrote: 13:31 UK … Continue reading

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Syrian diplomat reportedly passing military intel to Israel and US

Like something out of spy fiction, The Times of Israel reports that a serving Syrian diplomat is reportedly passing military intelligence to Israel and the US: A serving Syrian diplomat, trusted by the Assad regime, has been passing intelligence material … Continue reading

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Playing down the Iranian threat, trying to dissuade Israel from attacking Iran

The on-again off-again game of deterring Israel from attacking Iran is at play once again, with the US sending its National Security Advisor Tom Donilon to Israel for “consultations” with Binyamin Netanyahu. The White House announced Friday that National Security … Continue reading

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