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Israeli Elections – round 4

Here we go again – the fourth round of elections in two years. I feel a bit despairing and bit apathetic, and not particularly full of hope that anything major is going to change. But I shall not cede my … Continue reading

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Zionism is not a dirty word. Let us reclaim the narrative

Anyone who swims in the murky waters of the internet and the lower reaches of social media will have come across anti-Israel “activists” – antisemites by any other name – who take great delight in calling anyone who defends Israel … Continue reading

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Israel heads for elections

For people who have been following local Israeli news recently, it comes as no great surprise that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has called for the dissolution of the Knesset and for new elections to be held in 3 months time, … Continue reading

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We finally have a government

At least I think so. The coalition agreement is due to be signed later today, so barring any last-minute surprises (which one can never rule out in Israel) we will have a ruling coalition in place.  In the end the … Continue reading

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And the winner is… Yair Lapid

OK, he’s not the outright winner of the election. That position still belongs to Binyamin Netanyahu.  The two big political blocs, right and left, are more or less tied. Likud Beitenu, and Netanyahu as incumbent Prime Minister and winner of … Continue reading

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Israel elections: Initial exit poll results

The exit polls are in and the results are surprising – at least for anyone who has been following international media propaganda rather than the Israeli press. Initial results show a big drop in Likud Beitenu’s seats, a huge rise … Continue reading

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