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Good News Friday

Continuing the good news from my previous post, it’s time for another dose of positive good news in today’s Good News Friday installment. Our first item for this week is from Israel’s Master Chef TV program, of all places. One … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Apologies for not having posted much recently, but the short winter Fridays combined with being extremely busy with our Emunah Purim project has left me little time to blog. However the Purim project is now ready to go, so here … Continue reading

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The Zionist Zoo strikes again

The Zionist Zoo™ consists of strange animals and objects, all of which have been suspected of sabotaging or spying on Arab countries or civilians.  The levels of paranoia which these animals and objects arouse are a source of enormous amusement … Continue reading

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Israeli pencils of doom

Forget Iran and its nuclear ambitions. Forget Iraq and its implosion following the departure of American troops. Forget North Korea and its instability following the death of Kim Jong-Il. The real scandal, the true source of terror in the Middle … Continue reading

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