Conspiracy theory of the day

I am so proud of my crazy little country that sent a military delegation to Brazil to help search for victims in the disastrous dam-burst and mud slide last week.


An IDF search and rescue delegation departs for Brazil to assist in dam collapse disaster, January 27, 2019
IDF Spokesperson

However for some people nothing that Israel does is good. Everything we do is inherently evil, imbued with ill-will and malice and bad intentions.

Take a look at these malicious tweets for example:

Of course we can expect no better from George Galloway, who “saluted the courage of Saddam Hussein”, and from the vile cartoonist Carlos Latuff whose caricatures would have felt at home in the Nazi magazine Der Sturmer.

Shame on them all and shame on those who promote these falsehoods.

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4 Responses to Conspiracy theory of the day

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  2. Reality says:

    I must say I’m shocked.How disgusting.Are there any tweets or replies to these terrible innuendoes?
    Perhaps Israel just has to turn around and say,seeing that even when we send help,paid for by our own peoples’ taxes, we won’t bother in the future.
    Nobody has ever helped us,so let their friends Hamas,Hezbolla,PLO,UN Humanitarian rights take the load.

    • anneinpt says:

      I am happy to say there are loads of replies to these tweets, most of them mocking them and putting the record straight. But even so, the fact that people can feel free to say such outrageous things is, well, outrageous. I wouldn’t say I’m shocked or surprised. As a regular tweeter myself I see what goes on in social media, but it never fails to revolt me just the same.

      Israel isn’t going to “take revenge” by not helping. First of all it’s against the country’s ethos. Secondly it’s not Brazil who tweeted these things, but a cartoonist and a British politician. No reason for Israel not to help Brazil or any other country.

  3. Brian Goldfarb says:

    The problem with freedom of speech is that (within the limits of the law – which many platforms appear ready to ignore, the limits of the law, that is) this allows people we don’t like and who can come perilously close to spouting antisemitic bile, let alone libel, to say appalling things.

    However, should “we” (the good people who appear here) let them have any ixygen of publicity on “our” websites? Let them talk just to themselves, and don’t use “our” platforms to spread this rubbish.

    And if they come on our sites and make these comments, then we can line up to hit them where it hurts: by exposing their stupidity, lies and general lack of intelligence.

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