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Why Netanyahu must go to Washington

The furor caused by Congressional Speaker John Boehner’s invitation to Binyamin Netanyahu to address Congress about Iran has brought about furious debate both in Israel and America. The fault lines are pretty much along partisan lines, with the Democrats in … Continue reading

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Obama’s strategy has caused the US to be seen in the Middle East as the ally of terrorists

In my previous post I quoted from a very long essay by Michael Doran in Mosaic Magazine on Obama’s strategy in the Middle East, concentrating on Iran. Here, the article talks about Obama’s relations with Israel: To the Israelis, who … Continue reading

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Obama’s strategy: malevolence, not stupidity

According to the old adage, we should never attribute to malice what can be attributed to incompetence. For the first half of the Obama presidency, despite the swirling conspiracy theories about the President, his advisors and the Administration in general, … Continue reading

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Iran’s nukes, sanctions that don’t bite, Obama’s incompetence and Netanyahu’s visit to Washington

Iran has been playing America for a fool for a long time now in respect of their nuclear program, while the Obama Administration has tacitly permitted this. This has now reached a stage where the Americans are so fed up … Continue reading

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Middle East news catch-up: Iran, Jerusalem, the UN and the Palestinians

Here is a (very) short roundup of news that deserves some attention, but which I missed since I was computerless for a couple of days. As Pete mentioned in his comment on the previous post, Barack Obama wrote another letter … Continue reading

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ISIS spreads as the West stands by and lets Anti-semitism grow

Apologies for the lack of posts since Friday. I’ve been suffering from a severe case of over-bloggingitis (aka writers’ block together with an overdose of internet) combined with too many chagim. To say that the Middle East is in turmoil … Continue reading

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