Outrageous outrage over the Temple Mount

Palestinian riots on the Temple Mount

Jerusalem is roiling and seething with Muslim and Arab incitement, riots and deadly violence against Jewish Israelis, something that has been growing and building up since the summer. It started when the three Israeli teens were kidnapped and murdered and Palestinians started rioting in reaction to the security forces’ arrests of suspects. The violence spiked when the Palestinian teenager was murdered by 3 Israelis, and has not quite died down ever since. Every spike in violence can be “blamed” on some action or other by Israelis, whether it is praying on the Temple Mount, arrests or counter-terrorism activity by the security forces, and sometimes simply because Jews want to live in their capital city.

You can be quite sure that whenever violence strikes, the international community and media blames it on Israel.

The latest violence, which is simply a continuation of the previous riots, has been focussed on the Temple Mount, taking place over last week after the near-fatal shooting of Rabbi Yehuda Glick. The police located the murderer and shot him in a firefight when he opened fire at the security forces who had come to arrest him.

In response, the government decided to close the Temple Mount to everyone – Jews and Muslims – in order to prevent further violence at the holy site.  You can imagine the response.

Palestinian President-for-life Mahmoud Abbas and “peace partner” stated that this was a “declaration of war” – no matter that the closure was provoked by the Palestinians’ own violence, and was anyway aimed at all religions. More importantly  the closure was meant to prevent an outbreak of violence by his very own people whom he himself was inciting to violence by calling for a “day of rage“.

And what did the Americans do? Did they chastise the Palestinians for their violence? Did they call for restraint from the Palestinians? Did they heck! They called for Israel to reopen the Temple Mount – to the Muslims!  Did they concern themselves about Jewish prayer rights? They did not.

And what did our pusillanimous government do? They folded.

Arabs disrespect their “third holiest site” by playing soccer outside their Mosque on the Temple Mount

It took until Sunday till Jews were allowed back on the Temple Mount. And yet the Arab League had the gall to warn that Israel was crossing a red line on Jerusalem. In truth they are right. Israel had indeed crossed a red line – by banning Jewish prayer on the Mount, thereby violating the ridiculous status quo.

The Arab League warned Sunday that Israel has reached a “red line” after fresh clashes in Jerusalem, urging international pressure to stop what it branded “violations” in the holy city.

Clashes around the flashpoint Temple Mount and the al-Aqsa Mosque compound — the third holiest site in Islam and Judaism’s holiest — prompted Israel on Thursday to close the site for a day.

“Israel has reached a red line,” Arab League deputy chief Ahmed Bin Helli said after an assembly of the 22-member bloc’s delegates.

He called on Arabs and the international community “to put a stop to these practices by the Israeli occupation authorities in Jerusalem.”

“Touching Jerusalem will lead to results with untold consequences,” he added.

On Sunday, Israeli far-right lawmaker Moshe Feiglin visited the compound, pressing for Jews to be allowed to pray there.

He was met with protests from Muslims crying “Allahu akbar,” which means “God is great” in Arabic.

The chutzpah of the Arab League is all the more blatant when one understands that the Temple Mount has turned into a center of Islamist terror.

Watch this shocking video of the gross Muslim harassment and intimidation of Jewish visitors who are simply visiting the Temple Mount. They are not even praying, Heaven forfend (sarcasm…). But the very fact of their walking around the Mount is called “storming by settlers” in Arab-speak – and arouses the ire of the world accordingly.  Watch the Muslim crowd whip themselves into such an unrighteous fury that even the brave Israeli police are too scared to confront them and in the end drive the Jewish worshippers off the Temple Mount.

From the blurb of the clip, which was taken by Muslims:

One could be forgiven for mistaking the hundred or so Jewish worshipers who ascended the Temple Mount today for ten thousand, based on the dedication with which Muslims film and post the Jewish worshipers, harassed and heckled constantly while the police watch passively.

One can also observe in these video clips that the Jews, while forbidden to pray, or even move their lips as if they were praying, at the risk of being arrested, removed from the Mount and held in police custody for up to four hours, are nevertheless deep in thought and contemplation, seeking only an encounter with G-d, and not a confrontation with the Allahu Achbar screaming Muslims.

It was reported on the day that these clips were filmed that one Jewish youth did verbally respond in kind to the Muslim provocations. The police arrested and removed him at once.

But there is also a limit to what the police can take. And this is why, in the closing clip of the video, the police at last lose their patience and can be seen violently pushing the Jewish worshipers off the Mount. After all, why confront the hate-filled, poison-spewing offenders when it is so much easier to bully the victims?

There is more analysis and background at the Times of Israel in Jerusalem on Edge, and a report that Netanyahu met with King Abdullah to try and calm things down. The Israeli police chief declared that the Temple Mount will still remain open to Jewish visitors, despite claims from Kuwait to the contrary.

Do you think that if Jewish visits were banned, we could expect riots and violence from Jewish quarters? I doubt it somehow. Despite the fact that I object to violence on principle, our rights are always trampled because we don’t stand up for them loudly and strongly enough.

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  1. CHEUNGLL says:

    This is sort of like Hong Kong. The umbrella protesters are blocking all major roads, which is illegal and affecting everyone’s life and livelihood. But they get such a big voice (as you know, backed by all western media, BBC, NYT, and demonstrations every where in the world) that when outraged citizens go to the occupied districts and try to remove the barricade in the middle of the roads, they will be surrounded by umbrella protesters and then police have to go in to ask the citizens to leave. The police have to yield to these illegal protesters, who always play victim and accuse the police of using excessive force whatever happens.

    • anneinpt says:

      Yes, it sounds similar, only without the extreme murderous ideology behind the protestors. The media love an underdog, and the louder they are the better.

      I hope you stay safe!

      • CHEUNGLL says:

        You are right. There’s no extreme murderous ideology behind even the most radical protesters in HK. The hatred of extremist Islam towards Jewish people is really beyond reason or imagination, when comparing with the fact that Chinese people generally do not hate today’s Japanese even their previous generations had afflicted and killed so many Chinese in the last century, and more poignantly, Jewish people do not hate any German they meet today despite the Holocaust.

        • Earl says:

          Correction: it is not “extremist” Islam that evinces hatred to Jews. It is Islam, period. The ahadith and the Koran are filled with vicious Judenhass… and as the Banu Qurayza tribe learned all-too-well from Islam’s founder Mohammed.

  2. OyiaBrown says:

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  3. peteca1 says:

    Anne … thanks for posting. This type of incident is NOT covered in the Western media at all. Few people (in the rest of the world) have any idea that it is going on. I think that most everyone assumes that Jews are free to pray on the Mount whenever they fel like it. That actual state of affairs … is shocking.

    One thing that really might help … can you explain the layout of the Temple Mount better. Most people who are outsiders (incl. me) do not have a clear idea of where things are, or how big the area is. It is not clear where the Al Aqsa Mosque is located, it is not clear where the Western Wall is located. Therefore, I’m sure that outsiders are wondering if these harassment incidents (such as your video) are coming about because non-Muslims are getting to close to the Al Aqsa Mosque. OR INSTEAD – is this type of harassment towards Jews happening at ALL locations on the Mount? Things like this are very unclear to most observers who have never been to Jerusalem.

    thanks, Pete, USA

    • anneinpt says:

      Pete, here is a photo of the Temple Mount and Western Wall, all labelled clearly so you can see what is near what.

      Temple Mount

    • anneinpt says:

      And here is a map of the Old City of Jerusalem with the Temple Mount and the various quarters of the Old City marked out:

      Old City of Jerusalem

      • CHEUNGLL says:

        Wow thank you for these 2 maps! Now I have a much much clearer picture where I was when I visited the Western Wall Plaza and Old City. Our tiny tour group did not queue at the ramp to go up anywhere, or even visited the tunnels. I was only at the Women’s section for a short time. Now I know it’s such a small place comparing to the entire Temple Mount. I’d surely wish to go through the tunnels next time I go to Jerusalem.

        • anneinpt says:

          Yes, you must definitely go to the Tunnels on your next trip. You’ll love them I’m sure! The tour is just fascinating. You can see the huge stones of the Western Wall and other parts of the Temple Mount all the way down almost to the foundations. And there’s so much other stuff that they have discovered underneath.

          I’d also recommend a guided tour of the City of David which is also absolutely amazing. The amount of history that has been uncovered is breathtaking. Similarly a tour of the Davidson Center and Archeological Gardens is a must.

    • anneinpt says:

      Jews will not enter the Al Aqsa or more accurately, the Dome of the Rock, because we believe the Holy of Holies is directly underneath, and one cannot walk there unless one is in a state of total purity, which is impossible nowadays.

      In any event, why should a Jew not enter a mosque? There is no objection to Jews entering mosques anywhere in the world. Why would a Jew, who has taken his shoes off and dressed appropriately, not be allowed to enter any of the mosques?

      The entire Temple Mount was of negligible importance to the Muslims for centuries. It was unkempt, in poor repair, and completely desolate until 1967 when the Israelis liberated it. That was when the Arabs suddenly “remembered” that it was “their third holiest site”.

      In other words, they want what the Jews have. Otherwise they’re not interested.

      Read a short summary of the liberation of the Temple Mount in 1967 by the head of the Temple Institute. Look around the whole site. It will give you some idea of what has been going on.

      • Earl says:

        This goy wasn’t permitted to enter the mosque, either. Which spoiled an otherwise-great tour of IL 😉

        As for the “Ramp to Mughrabi Gate” entrance- it is covered in ~16 ga steel plating, ostensibly to protect visitors from the sun. But it also protects visitors from the Mohammedans raining down rocks onto non-Mohammedans…

        • anneinpt says:

          Interesting that you weren’t allowed into the Mosque either. I’m sure you’d be allowed into any other mosque anywhere in the world, as would I. Which just goes to show that the issue in Jerusalem is nationalistic or racist rather than religious.

          The Mughrabi Gate ramp, as it stands in the women’s section of the Western wall, is a monstrosity and a potential danger to the women worshippers if it should collapse. I prefer to be in stoning range rather than underneath the bridge. It makes me very nervous.

  4. peteca1 says:

    Anne … big thanks!! that was very helpful. The same applies to your comments about the 1967 liberation of the Temple Mount. I will check that out too.

    Pete, USA

  5. starsword says:

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  6. Yossie says:


    Lawyer for Obama administration: Israel Has No Claim to Jerusalem, Just as Russia Has No Claim to Crimea

    (This definitely belongs in a comment in a thread about the “outrageous”.)

    • anneinpt says:

      Wow is right. It’s both disgusting and beyond belief, not to mention illogical and senseless.

      You don’t have to accept that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital to accept that it is IN Israel – at the very least the Western portion which is where Menachem was born.

      Comparing Israel to Russia in this regard is blatant antisemitism and the lawyer should be called out on it.

      Hopefully he’ll be in the trash heap along with the rest of the Dems now that Congress has flipped.

      • Yossie says:

        He’s part of the Executive branch, so we’re stuck with him (along with Obama) for another 2 years. In fact, the link I provided above says “Verrilli .. is rumored to be in the running to replace outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder..

        Here’s a transcript of the Supreme Court proceedings if you have the patience (and the stomach) for it. Gotta love how Sotomayor says “they’re asking the government to lie” by putting his place of birth as Jerusalem, Israel – because the State Department doesn’t believe it to be true.

        • anneinpt says:

          That’s what caught my eye – that they think the gov’t is lying by saying Jerusalem is in Israel. It is exasperating beyond words – especially as we all know that they know that J’lem indeed IS in Israel. What airport would they fly to in order to get to J’lem?

          How can these otherwise sane people keep banging their heads against a brick wall? And to what purpose?

        • anneinpt says:

          Of course if he’s in the running to be AG then he has to burnish his leftist anti-Israeli credentials obviously.

          And despite the joy at the Dems having been trounced in the mid-terms, I’ve read that Obama could be at his most dangerous now that he has nothing to lose, and can rule by executive order.

          Interesting times…

      • Yossie says:

        (Oops. Must have missed an end tag there..)

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