Shabbat Shalom

No time for a Good News Friday post today. My earlier post was delayed due to family health issues, but I can’t leave this blog for Shabbat without something positive on the front page.

So go take a look at the Twitter page of Israel Photography. There are some fabulous pictures which display our beautiful little country at its best.

And it will stay a beautiful country despite the best efforts of our enemies to destroy it, whether by fire or by war.

Shabbat Shalom everyone! May we all have a quiet, safe, and hopefully wet weekend.

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4 Responses to Shabbat Shalom

  1. cba says:

    Lovely! Shabbat Shalom~

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  3. Reality says:

    Just what we needed to remind us of our beautiful country,being set on fire by our enemies.We will overcome this too

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