The UN Human Wrongs Council – again

The UN Human Rights Wrongs Council isn’t exactly back to its old tricks again. It never left them in the first place! Hillel Neuer of UN Watch gives us a brief outline of the character of this nefarious organization, and explains how it cares not a whit for the human rights of any victims of dictators, oppression and violence. The only thing it really cares for is to make life for Israel and Jews impossible.

See the video below:

And just to emphasise the egregious double standards of this hopelessly biased institution with its outrageous membership list, including those bastions of human rights like Saudi Arabia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Iraq, Qatar, Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates among others, Hillel Neuer shows us what happened last week when he tried to address the alarming rise of antisemitism around the world.

In Neuer’s words:

U.N. rights chief Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein sudenly discovers an interest in antisemitism—only concerning the United States—and then he singles out Israel. UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer was given 90 seconds to respond:

That short response time tells us all we need to know about the UNHRC (in case we didn’t know already.

Here is the transcript of Neuer’s short speech:

“Mr. President, we applaud the High Commissioner’s recognition that rising antisemitism is a human rights issue worthy of the attention of world leaders, and of the UN.

While he spoke only about the United States, we hope that the High Commissioner’s words mark a turning point in the approach of the U.N., and of his human rights office.

Because to date, Mr. President, in face of the most shocking antisemitic acts of our time, in face of the European reality where Jewish school children in nearby France require thousands of soldiers in full combat gear to protect their lives, what has been the response of the High Commissioner, and his office?

For the most part, their response has been silence.

For example, when on January 9, 2015, a terrorist took over a Kosher supermarket in Paris, and murdered four Jews, the High Commissioner issued no statement.

Worse, in his annual Holocaust Day statement later that month, he failed to say a word about this or any other anti-Semitic attack. He didn’t even mention the word antisemitism.

How can one honor the memory of Jews murdered by antisemitism 70 years ago, while completely ignoring the wave of antisemitic attacks that have returned to this continent, in cities such as Toulouse, Brussels and Copenhagen?

When dozens of UNRWA teachers praise Hitler and call to murder Jews, why is the High Commissioner silent, even at actions by his own U.N. colleagues?

Finally, why did the High Commissioner say that his statement would ignore Afghanistan, Libya, Sri Lanka, Syria, Ukraine or Yemen—because they were otherwise being addressed—yet he condemned Israel at length, even as it it being addressed this session under six different reports, under its own agenda item, and for an entire day?

Where are the principles?”

Watch the video:

And one more farce, as the UNHRC discussed women’s rights and Iran claiemd itself to be a democracy:

Yesterday I took the floor at the U.N. to call out Iran’s discriminatory modesty laws, which force all women to cover themselves with a Hijab — whether they want to or not. I also slammed Sweden’s self-declared “first feminist government in the world” for betraying their own values when they recently visited Tehran, ignoring the pleas of Iranian women’s rights activists by kowtowing to the mullahs’ misogyny.

Sometimes I wonder whether it’s worth trying so hard. The UN is surely a lost institution. If only the civilized Western countries had the guts, they would all leave and set up their own United Nations of civilized democracies.

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  2. Reality says:

    I’m impressed that Hillel Neuer still has the energy to constantly fight the UN.Its an uphill battle and they dont take any notice

    • anneinpt says:

      They do take notice every so often. More importantly, it makes the other nations sit up and take notice, e.g. Britain and the US, and they then apply pressure to the UN.

      But I think he’s either got nerves of steel or is slightly insane to keep on doing this.

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