Why there cannot be peace between Israel and the Palestinians

Against the constant background noise of international peace-processors, do-gooders, ill-wishers, politicians, diplomats and pundits, it is refreshing to listen to someone who not only knows the facts but has experienced it all for himself.

Watch award-winning Israeli Arab journalist Khaled Abu Toameh as he explains the reality of why there will never (or at least not yet) be peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

And despite the fact that he is a Muslim Arab, Abu Toameh lays the blame firmly at the feet of the Palestinians and their supporters.

(via Chaim F):

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3 Responses to Why there cannot be peace between Israel and the Palestinians

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  2. leelonghwa says:

    Anne, thank you for bringing this video out for us to see. Nothing could more compelling than hearing the Arab point of view from an Israeli Arab on why peace is impossible with the Palestinians because the Palestinians do not want peace, they only want to destroy Israel, and they have been taught this since infancy. Thank you.

  3. Earl says:

    He misses the Mohammedan theological underpinning for the situation: the Judenhass is a direct result of the dar al-Islam v. dar al-harb dichotomy, a central tenet of Islam. As long as Israel remains a Jewish state, there can be no hope of “ME peace”. It really is that simple. basic Islamic exegesis, really.

    /fortunately, Trump’s Jerusalem declaration and Abbas’ declarative recent responses ensure no more lunatic “peace process” for the duration of this Administration; Bibi et al. can now move assertively to secure Eretz Yisroel and ignore the tiresome, futile “peace process” distraction.

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