Hamas’ Pallywood Exposed: Pierre Rehov’s “Behind the Smokescreen”

I have mentioned here more than once about the Palestinians’ penchant for Pallywood propaganda: staging photo shoots of violence, getting actors to pretend to be wounded or even dead, pushing children into the front and center of any photo op, etc.

The famous film-maker Pierre Rehov, who is renowned for exposing Palestinian war crimes and propaganda, has produced an exposé of Hamas’ sick propaganda stunts in his short film Behind the Smokescreen.  The film deals with the staged violence during the “peaceful protests” of the March of Return on the Gaza border.

Pay attention to the use, or rather abuse, of children during these riots. Their parents and handlers have not the slightest compunction in their endangerment. They see it as a in-win situation. Either the children come home safely in which case Israel has “lost” the battle. Or the children are wounded or killed, in which case Israel is portrayed as an evil child-oppressor.

Yet we hear not a word of protest from UNICEF, Amnesty, HRW or any of the other alphabet soup of humanitarian agencies who profess to be so concerned with the plight of the poor Palestinians.

Watch, learn and share:

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4 Responses to Hamas’ Pallywood Exposed: Pierre Rehov’s “Behind the Smokescreen”

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  2. Reality says:

    All the “humanitarian”aid groups aren’t worth the soup their alphabetical names could be used for!They only worry about the” poor Palestinians” when it suits their purpose,which is to make grand gestures against Israel in “important”forums.Other than that,have they alleviated suffering anywhere? Stopped outbreaks of plagues? Made sure that the billions of dollars pouring into Gaza’s coffers actually goes to help the people?

    • anneinpt says:

      Precisely. The trouble is these NGOs have a “halo effect”. The average citizen thinks these do-gooders really ARE good and that therefore Israel must be bad. We have to get our message out more effectively.

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    Please carve out 11 minutes from your busy schedule to watch this powerful video on the truth behind the recent Palestinian protests. These 11 minutes show far more than the snippets provided in Western media.

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