Gaza rioters burn their own aid

Those “poor” “innocent” “downtrodden” “oppressed” “occupied” (insert your own adjective here) Palestinian “peaceful demonstrators” of the “March of Return” at the Gaza border with Israel are in fact no such thing.

Fire started by Gaza terror firebomb kites in a southern Israeli agricultural field.

Besides trying to tear down the border fence, attacking soldiers with rocks, firebombs and knives, and flying firebomb-laded kites into Israel which have burnt over 200 acres (800 dunams) of Israeli farmland, the “peaceful protestors” have now taken to sacking their own humanitarian aid and burning their own fuel lines:

Hundreds of Palestinians also set fire to the Palestinian side of the Kerem Shalom crossing between the Gaza Strip and Israel, damaging fuel and gas pipes that serve Gaza, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said.

“This is a cynical act that damages the well-being of the people of Gaza and the humanitarian efforts carried out by Israel and other countries,” the IDF said.

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot:

As if all that is not bad enough, the Palestinians have been engaging in their usual Pallywood propaganda: using children as both human shields and props in their sick but slick videos; filming “injured” “civilians” who are now shown to be merely actors, as they get up from their stretchers after the filming is over:

The Israeli army on Saturday night published video clips from demonstrations by Gazans at the border which it said showed protesters faking injury in order to manipulate world opinion, and using young children at the forefront of border riots.

In one clip released by the IDF, Gazan youths are shown rushing a seemingly injured youth toward safety on a stretcher through clouds of smoke and dust. Toward the end of the clip, however, the youth appears to fall off or get off the stretcher, and then gets to his feet, now seeming quite unharmed.

“Throughout Hamas’s activity, fake injuries and the exploitation of women and children are rampant,” the IDF said in a tweet.

In a second clip, very young children are seen at the protests, rolling tires, and standing close to older Palestinian youths; the IDF alleges that Gazans are deliberately placing young kids near to rioters, as human shields.

Watch the videos below:

I am waiting for the international community, particularly Amnesty, Human Rights Watch and the European Union to condemn this outrageous child abuse and human rights abuses. But I won’t hold my breath. A blue complexion does not suit me.

I am very pleased that the IDF has finally decided to retaliate against the “fire-kites”, by bombing a launching pad in Gaza. However that seems to me overkill and a silly waste of very expensive air-power.

All that the IAF needs to do is recruit some fire-fighting planes, or maybe even crop-dusters (I’m not an air logistician), load them up with liquid sewage and excrement rather than sea-water, and dump the contents on the rioters every single week. That would put the rioters off approaching the border and as a two-fer, it would make them and the ground too wet to light any firebombs.Then the army needs to operate their giant fans, the ones which blew the smoke from the burning tires back at Gaza, to blow the stench back into Gaza.

I would call that measure for measure, or treating like with like. It’s what those despicable terrorists deserve.

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7 Responses to Gaza rioters burn their own aid

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  2. Michael Caplan says:

    Once you see through the lie to the ugly naked emperor pretending he’s dressed in finery, everything changes. I used to pretty much believe the mainstream media on Israel, not to mention the moral condemnations from the left, thrilled to be near an emperor they adore, borrowing his thin air for their own outfits. Now, thanks to honest and humane voice like yours – and, thank goodness, many others, if never enough – I recognize the frothing enemies of Israel for what they are: ignorant, intolerant, indoctrinated. It’s the saddest thing, because it’s so utterly unnecessary. Sadder still is that the world, thanks to a complacent media, does little more than glorified “fashion reporting” on the emperor’s latest walk down the runway…. Thanks for being there and for sharing your voice, Anne!

    • anneinpt says:

      Thank you Michael. And huge kudos to you on seeing your way through the lies to the truth about Israel. It is not an easy thing to reject received wisdom and go against the fashionable tide, so kol hakavod to you.

      • Michael Caplan says:

        I know a few people who have had this experience, who have been conned by this bizarre leftist form of self-deception, and it’s fascinating to hear their accounts.

        I’m reading an excellent book right now, “German Question/Jewish Question: Revolutionary Antisemitism from Kant to Wagner”, which makes it clear how old and boringly predictable this antisemitism from the left truly is. To teach just a little bit of this history would prepare people more for the absolutely bizarre changes Jew-hatred goes through over time: it can literally mean anything it’s enemies want it to mean! The common component seems to be the childish need to demonize, to rely on fairy-tale thinking as a guide to action, instead of facing reality maturely. And the demons are always the Jews, in one way or another (or another or another). It would merely be pathetic, if it didn’t have real-world results.

        Anyway, all the very best, Anne – even in a screwy world! And thank you again, both for your work and for your encouraging comments…

        • anneinpt says:

          Sounds like a fascinating book. I shall have to look it up.

          You’ve pinpointed the essence of antisemitism, how it morphs from country to country and from generation to generation to mean just what its users want it to mean.

  3. Reality says:

    All the “do gooder”humanitarian groups are silent,because who cares? Only when Israel mistakenly really kills or mains these children then the world will speak up.I sincerely hope(but again not holding my breath)that we here will retort that that if children are brought to these violent protests,they will be harmed or worse.If the international community is silent now,they have no grounds for condemnation later.Would that we can talk like that.How I wish that Lieberman or someone would make this statement loud and clear NOW.

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