Let’s talk about the UNHRC and “Khaybar” of the Palestinians

UN – Useless Nations

As if on cue the United Human Rights Wrongs Council has issued yet another report condemning Israel – this time for “perpetuating the conflict with the Palestinians through the occupation“. Seriously.

A report released Tuesday by a United Nations Commission of Inquiry blamed Israel’s “persistent discrimination against Palestinians” for violence between the two sides.

“Forced displacement, threats of forced displacement, demolitions, settlement construction and expansion, settler violence, and the blockade of Gaza” were identified as “contributing factors to recurring cycles of violence” by the United Nations Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and Israel.

The 18-page report, released Tuesday, focuses on root causes of the conflict. The commission took two trips to research the report, one to Geneva and the other to Jordan.

A report released Tuesday by a United Nations Commission of Inquiry blamed Israel’s “persistent discrimination against Palestinians” for violence between the two sides.

It also blasted Israel for restrictions on Palestinian movement, and for settler violence. Israel destroys Palestinian water infrastructure, alleged the commission, and tries to silence critical voices in Palestinian civil society.

That’s rich when the only people silencing critical Palestinian voices are the Palestinian Authority itself under the corrupt leadership of Holocaust-denier Mahmoud Abbas.

It is gratifying to note that not only the Israeli Foreign Ministry condemned the report, as was to be expected, but the US too slammed the UNHRC for their one-sided biased report.

“Israel is the only country subject to a standing agenda item at the HRC and has received disproportionate focus at the HRC compared to human rights situations elsewhere in the world,” the State Department spokesman said, maintaining the criticism voiced by Trump and previous American administrations.

“While no country is above scrutiny, the existence of this COI in its current form is a continuation of a longstanding pattern of unfairly singling out Israel. We reengaged with and later re-joined the HRC in part to be in a better position to address its flaws, including this one, and we will continue to seek reforms.”

Anne Herzberg, the legal advisor of NGO Monitor harshly condemned the UNHRC:

Hillel Neuer of UN Watch is urging people to sign a petition to oust Navi Pillay from the UNHRC:

All this brings me to the second subject in my title. “Khaybar” is the battle cry of extremist Muslims who wish to destroy not just Israel, but all the Jews, in a similar way that Mohammed defeated the Jewish community of Khaybar in the 7th century. When Arabs shout “Khaybar ya Yahud”, they are not calling for peaceful relations!

Palestinian rejectionism – always missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity

In the British political blog Harry’s Place, one of the contributors, Paul M, wrote an excellent piece just recently on this subject: “What’s to become of the Palestinians? We need to talk about Khaybar.”. With Paul M’s permission, I reproduce highlights of the article here and urge you to also read it in full at the link:

The Palestinians have a problem.

“You’re kidding! For this we need another blog post?”

No, one of their oldest, we just haven’t talked about it. Which is strange because it’s not just old, it’s also their biggest, most fundamental problem and by “we” I mean everyone, not just Harry’s Place. The problem is hate and when I say we haven’t talked about it, I mean we haven’t talked enough, or perhaps at all, about its consequences.

For reasons of history and choice the Palestinians have adopted a strategy of grievance, hate, refusal and rejection against Israel. That’s not a statement about every individual Palestinian any more than “Russia is xenophobic” is an indictment of every Russian. It’s a true statement, though, about Palestinian society and it’s well documented. Is there hate on the Israeli side too? Certainly, and easy to find, but it’s not state policy or all-pervasive.

The ADL’s widely-reported 2014 global survey found a 93% prevalence of antisemitism in the West Bank & Gaza.The Palestinian Authority’s Pay to Slay policy is well known. The more you kill, the more you win.

In education, organisations such as the Georg Eckert Institute and IMPACT have been describing the situation for years. While not slow to criticise Israel, they also note steady improvements in the representation of Palestinians, their history and viewpoint in Israeli textbooks. The most recent reports on the Palestinian Authority, on the other hand, show that things are not only bad but getting worse .

The earlier report states:

The latest IMPACT-se analysis of the new Palestinian curriculum found it has moved further from meeting UNESCO standards and the newly published textbooks were found to be more radical than those previously published.

There is a systematic insertion of violence, martyrdom and jihad across all grades and subjects…. The possibility of peace with Israel is rejected. Any historical Jewish presence in the modern-day territories of Israel and the Palestinian Authority is entirely omitted from the textbooks.

The later one notes PA Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh’s declaration to the EU that:

if foreign aid is conditioned … over textbook incitement, the Palestinian Authority would finance the printing of textbooks by reallocating funds for water, electricity and communication systems.

How’s that for priorities, but why not when you can blame the ensuing infrastructure crises on Israel?

I don’t really need to tell you that Hamas is not better :

The most extreme, cynical and disturbing aspect of the website is its pervasive indoctrination of the younger generation into the cult of martyrdom – helping to create the next generation of suicide bombers to join the violent jihad.

From the mosques comes a flood of invective and incitement. The same from the political leadership. The media of course, does its part.

The choice to hate has turned into a trap. The cultivation of hate might have been an effective, if unsavoury strategy when Israel was new and weak, the Arab front looked strong and international will was vacillating (some things don’t change). This wall of incandescent fury might have served to create a united Palestinian people and fire them to steamroll over their enemy. But it wasn’t enough.

Donald Trump’s long-overdue recognition of Israel’s claim to Jerusalem was a wake-up jolt, even to people like me who should already have known: This isn’t really an ongoing conflict. Israel won, decades ago. We’ve all just been persuaded to ignore the fact of that. And Palestinian hate and denial that once might have been a useful weapon is now their ball and chain.

The following 3 paragraphs are the most salient point in this article and so clearly pointed out:

Why are they stuck? Simply put, because Israelis are not stupid and they’re not suicidal. (Israeli governments may be stupid sometimes, but they’re not suicidal either.) Once the message sank in that it’s not a conflict over territory or religion any more, if it ever was, but over the right of Jews to exist in their homeland, a door closed on the Palestinians. The absolute rejection of Jewish legitimacy now bars the way to their freedom. No Israeli government of any electable stripe will give them enough sovereignty to continue the fight from a stronger position. The Temple Mount situation is a daily reminder of the folly of that and of what happens when one side looks at olive branches and sees kindling. Yet even if rejection of everything Israeli or Jewish now blocks their progress, there’s no way to stop. Generation after generation has been so thoroughly marinated in it that it’s become a core principle. Jewish evil and Palestinian pure innocence are reality to them. Jews have no roots and no rights, to them, and to suggest anything different is to court destruction.

What about Israeli wrongdoing? Apartheid, genocide, ethnic cleansing, land theft, child murder and all-purpose oppression? It doesn’t matter. All of that, to use the vernacular, is bullshit, but it wouldn’t change anything if it were true. None of those slurs alters this basic fact: All that matter are Palestinian declared intentions, Israel’s will to stop them and their incapacity to choose another path. Those are the three axes that pin the Palestinians to their point in space.

What about the Palestinians’ friends in the west and elsewhere, who amplify all those same slurs? They do matter, but not because they can deliver Israel bound & gagged. They can’t. They matter because they bear a good share of responsibility for leading the Palestinians into the quicksand and keeping them there, prolonging everyone’s misery. By encouraging them to keep fighting a war they’ve long since lost and by adopting every malformed phantasm of Palestinian resentment, they’ve walked with them hand in hand. The difference of course, is that it’s the Palestinians that are paying the price. Israelis are often lectured that it’s the duty of a friend to put them straight when they are going wrong. Where was the tough love for the Palestinians?

When the army of the Prophet swept through the Khaybar oasis, hate put the spur to his horses and sharpened the edge on his swords, and set the relationship between Muslims and Jews for the next millennium and a half, but impotent hate only clarifies its target’s vision and hardens his resolve. The Palestinians can see that what power they have is trickling away, it’s obvious in their panicky response to the Abraham Accords and any other sign of Arab “betrayal”, and even their fury at the suggestion that UNRWA might outsource some of its activities to other agencies. Hate on top of powerlessness weakens their position, but in defeat they can’t give it up.

So what is the future for the Palestinians? Where does all this leave the two-state solution, first of all? It leaves it dead. Israel has been told endlessly that it mustn’t do certain things because they will destroy the prospects for two-states, but nobody thought to tell the Palestinians that they mustn’t hate for the same reason. People who want to will put the blame on Israel, but the end result will be the same: Nations don’t choose suicide willingly and while would-be murderers of Israel may be plenty their means are insufficient. Beyond that, predicting the future is for fools but there’s little sign that Palestinian dreams will come true. Israel has been getting stronger, not weaker. More and more Arab countries, quietly or in public, are deciding that they can’t subordinate their own interests to Palestinian ones forever. Even Arab-Israelis are gradually starting to integrate more, joining the economy and the army and embracing politics that aren’t zero-sum dead ends. If Israel responds thoughtfully those numbers will only grow. If the Arab world moves on without the Palestinians there’s little reason for Europe and America not to follow suit. Do the Palestinians understand their bind? I doubt it, but they can’t leave their cage by either possible exit and I can’t see how anyone else can get them out. I truly wish they could; I don’t enjoy their suffering and a perpetually bitter and hopeless Palestinian enclave is going to continue lashing out at Israel forever. But not all stories have happy endings.

In medicine there exists something known as a sequestrum. A piece of tissue dies and, instead of the usual process of breakdown and resorption, it mummifies in place. It has no future role in the surrounding body except as a source of inflammation and pain. Is that what the Palestinian people have to look forward to, to be a permanent, irreducible focus of inflammation and hurt in the Middle East? How do we spare them and the Israelis that?


This piece was written before the death of the Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh in Jenin, but if I’d started writing it today it would have come out exactly the same. From the shrieks of Murder! by everyone from Mahmoud Abbas to Rashida Tlaib to the right-on Susan Sarandon; from the forthright libels of Al Jazeera, the “news” source to which Abu Akleh lent her services for 25 years, to the more veiled insinuations of once-reputable outlets like the BBC and Associated Press, it’s the proof you didn’t need. The Palestinians demonstrate their enduring ability to bruise and blacken Israel, and they get … nowhere. It couldn’t be clearer that the PA, never mind Hamas, is not thinking about coexistence. For all their talk of fairness, justice and rights, the West’s thought leaders’ stampede toward verdict before trial shows again how flexible their principles are in service of their politics. In the process, they make any thinking Jew wonder what future there is for the diaspora. And so we go on, hate and pointless violence that serves only to take the Palestinians further from a future worth having. The pain they inflict and suffer has become their substitute.

The article is rather depressing on the one hand, but on the hand it is so refreshing to see someone from outside the conflict looking at it with cold clear vision and stating the truth. Without accepting the truth nothing will progress in the Middle East.

Maybe someone will send this article to Navi Pillay and her cohorts at the UNHRC.


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11 Responses to Let’s talk about the UNHRC and “Khaybar” of the Palestinians

  1. Elise says:

    The hubby says. that antisemitism is in the DNA. If Jung is to be believed and who our ancestors were is passed down as genetic memory, then the Jew hatred of thousands of years makes the vitral against Israel easy. The issue is whether there will ever be anyone truly brave enough to stand up and say enough. With the Palestinians there is no such person.

    Why the UN is like this? Follow history. the Soviet bloc dominated the UN during the Cold War and it used antisemitism to try to castigate Israel. Israel of course, was the canary in the coal mine of the West. If they could destroy Israel (thus the USSR controlling the worlds vast oil reserves in MENA), then the West would be lost to democracy and become a communist satellite. That propaganda has become UN mainstay because too many people’s jobs, and power depend upon it.

    The odd thing of it is, is that while the Soviet Union is gone, its propaganda has taken hold in the West and the West is basically massively suicidal. The bulk of the communist propaganda is of course the antiimperialism and anticolonialism rhetoric directed not only at the world’s great democracies but at israel. Ignoring Jewish history is very easy for the perpetually ignorant- be it the UN, the Squad, or those entitled children who think Tik Tok and Instagram are how the world works. While everyone lives on campus now, we have also allowed the ignorant to run the world. There are no longer grownups in charge.

    Words are now violence but real violence is peace. Orwell must be laughing his tuchas off from heaven at us.

    Sadly, there are also those Jews who side with the antisemites (not historically unusual), be it Levin in Congress or Peter Beinart in academia. They give cover to those genocidal Jew haters, yet are fettered by Jews in the US, freedom of speech, etc. (Beinart was just asked to run a program on shavuot- for their night of study- at the west side JCC in manhattan on why Ukraine is like Palestine) So no, while there are great groups and people who fight the good fight, as long as the antisemite can tokenize a Jew there is no incentive to change their stripes.

    Now why is Pillay like she is? What drives her? What does she gain from her evil? Her report reads like Mein Kampf. So it is just as interesting to ask why was Hitler like he was. You would come up with the same answers.

    • anneinpt says:

      Thanks for your interesting comment Elise. Rather depressing but unfortunately it’s the truth. What I am concerned about is the way the next generations, not only the Palestinians but western young people, especially in colleges and universities, are being indoctrinated against Israel and even against western values. It is a very frightening prospect.

  2. Reality says:

    This is a brilliant post.Thank you.
    The problem is that as long as the Human ” Rights” organisation’s exist(in my opinion only to perpetuate the “poor Palestinian “hopes) nothing will ever change.
    I don’t understand why counties who consider themselves our friends don’t leave the UN because of their wrongdoing.These UN forums harm everyone, when their time and money could be put to better use

    • anneinpt says:

      I absolutely agree. I have no expectations from the UN itself but why do the western countries vote against Israel even when they admit in private that they know it’s all lies? Nothing will ever change until they stand up to the tyrants

      • Paul M says:

        The thing you need to know about the UN is that it’s a bazaar: Everything there is horse trading. Ethics, friendship and most other things decent people care about come a distant second. You want my support on that vote? OK, vote with me on this one. The more resolutions against Israel, the less it matters to support or abstain on the next one, because it changes nothing—at the UN. Will it have an effect in the world outside? Maybe, but that’s not relevant to the excellencies and drones in Geneva & Turtle Bay.

        • anneinpt says:

          Those are very good points Paul and put the whole thing in perspective, however annoying and aggravating it is. The cynicism is quite breathtaking sometimes.

          And since you have been so gracious as to visit my blog I just want to thank you again for that excellent piece you wrote.

  3. Brian Goldfarb says:

    Excuse my late arrival on the scene, I’ve been occupied elsewhere.
    However, is anyone really surprised by this? Or are we just reminding ourselves of what the world is really like…or, perhaps, used to be like.

    Much as it pains me to admit it, from my politics perspective (which Anne is well aware of), but Trump did two good things: he moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, the real capital of Israel; and, perhaps through the good offices of his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, he god-fathered the Abraham Accords. These allowed the Gulf States, Saudi Arabia (tho’ they are still hovering on the brink of fully embracing the Accords, but give them time: they are clearly inching towards joining in) and others (Morocco and Sudan) to finally acknowledge the truth: Israel, as a stable democracy – however many elections they hold and whoever the Prime Minister is – is no threat to them. The real threat lies further north: Iran.

    The Accord partners were also fed up with the people (to quote Abba Eban) who “never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity” and, therefore with wasting their money on them. Plus, as is becoming clear, they would dearly like to share Israel’s command of cutting edge technology.

    All this makes the UN (and especially the UNHRC) increasing irrelevant in the context of the rapidly changing Middle East. And, despite many peoples views of him, Biden has made very clear his support of Israel, by backing US funds for Israel’s defence, not least further development of the Iron Dome system.

    Thus, disturbing though the attitude of the UN and its constituent bodies might be, they have little executive power: more important are the attitudes of the Western democracies, and, so far, they show little sign of changing their support for Israel.

    • anneinpt says:

      Of course you are right Brian, but all the same, all these resolutions and slurs and libels are recorded for posterity, and sometime in the future someone is going to do research and point to these lies and say “Look! The UN said so 50 years ago!”.

      And as I said to Paul above, I am very worried about the encroachment of radical wokeism and the hard left into academia which will has a very malign influence on our young people who will become our future leaders.

  4. Brian Goldfarb says:

    I meant to add a book recommendation: when leaving Israel after attending a family wedding (and wonderful it was too), at the airport I bought Danny Danon’s book “In The Lion’s Den”. Although his politics are not mine (he was Netanyahu’s Permanent Representative at the UN), his book is fascinating on making sure that Israel’s position and place in the world were taken note of. Most interesting to me was Nikki Haley’s comment (Trump’s counterpart to Danon) about telling Danon not to show her the borders of Israel any more: she got it: where it was green, it was Israel; where it isn’t green, it was across the border.

  5. Earl says:

    I have nothing substantive to add to the very informed comments herein. I concur. Absent a working understanding of the Koran and having read the HAMAS “Charter” and understanding Nasrallah”s (spit) lunatic ramblings, there is no possibility of being in a position to credibly comment on the “ME Peace Process”.

    Having attended a speech in ___ by Nikki Haley, there is no question: she “gets it”. Unlike, for example, the ZA Foreign Minister’s jabbering last week, which represent the unlettered South Africans, Malaysians, Pakistanis, Irish, Lavrov (spit), the… Ie., the no-hoper, Tier Three states that relegate themselves to their faecal positions by their Judenhass

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