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News catch-up: Palestinian claims; the US vote

In case you were wondering why I’ve gone quiet during a rather noisy news cycle, it’s because I’m on a much-needed mini-break in Eilat. But holiday or not, it’s hard to avoid the news entirely, so here is a very … Continue reading

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Guest Post: If It’s darkest just before the dawn, why is it so light out there?

This is another guest post by Brian Goldfarb, who casts his characteristically optimistic  worldview on recent events and shows us that things are really not as bad as we are being led to believe by the media. This is certainly … Continue reading

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The not-so-hidden antisemitism of the Obama Administration and Hilary Clinton

The stash of emails illegally saved on Hilary Clinton’s private server is being revealed bit by bit over recent months showing how much she helped in the weakening of America. (h/t War Sclerotic): There are many reasons to dislike Hillary … Continue reading

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How red is my line

In a prime example of the media seeing what it wants to see, the CBC website headlined their article about their interview on Sunday with PM Binyamin Netanyahu as follows: “Is Israel softening its stance on Israel?” (h/t cba and … Continue reading

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Why is America bashing Israel now?

Following on from the two insults hurled at Israel in recent days, by Leon Panetta and by the US Ambassador to Belgium, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton threw her own hat into the ring when she declared herself concerned about … Continue reading

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