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A lighter look at Rosh Hashana

Following the serious stuff in my previous post, here is a great bouncy video with a catchy singalong tune: Dip your apple in the honey. Shana tova umetuka once again.  

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Shana Tova Umetuka

Tonight we begin celebrating Rosh Hashana, the start of the new Jewish year.  Rosh Hashana is not marked by great parties and merry-making for the Jewish New Year is also known as the Day of Judgement, the day when all … Continue reading

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A milestone

Today this blog marked a great milestone for me, when it passed the 25,000 page views mark. (Sidenote: at this momentous stage, I’m trying once again to register this blog on Technorati and include my Keycode KE2WYT5VDYRF) When I started, … Continue reading

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Andrew Phillips complains that UK and US are “over-influenced by Israel lobbies”

This post was originally posted as a guest-post at CifWatch. Following on from my post of yesterday, where I took Andrew Phillips to task for not wishing the Palestinians to benefit if it also benefits Israel, in that same letter … Continue reading

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Lord Andrew Phillips’ problem with Israel

Today’s Guardian yielded yet another nasty surprise (perhaps I shouldn’t call it a surprise. After all I expect nothing better from the Guardian) with a letter from Lord Andrew Phillips about “hopes and dangers in the Middle East“. In this … Continue reading

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International implications of Turkey’s provocation in Eastern Mediterranean gas dispute

A series of articles that I read over the last few days in the Turkish Hurriyet Daily sheds some interesting light on the Turkish-provoked argument between Greece, Cyprus, Israel and Turkey over natural gas resources in the Eastern Mediterranean. Turkey … Continue reading

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