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How anti-Semitism prevents peace

Via Jewish Ideas Daily, I found this rather depressing but in-depth report on the Middle East Quarterly entitled “How anti-Semitism prevents peace”, by David Patterson, about whom: David Patterson is Hillel Feinberg Chair in Holocaust studies at the University of … Continue reading

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Where is the Syrian Goldstone Report?

Atrocities and massacres continue daily in Syria by Assad and his forces against Syrian citizens. Granted, there have been one or two mild condemnations from the UN and assorted world leaders, some  sanctions imposed by the US (which the Syrian … Continue reading

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Hit-and-run and stabbing terror attack in Tel Aviv

Yet another terror attack which you will probably not read about outside of Israel and the Jewish media until Israel takes defensive action – and possibly not even then. Eight people were injured in south Tel Aviv early Monday morning, … Continue reading

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Israel, Turkey, the Kurds, Cyprus and Greece – a regional realignment

M K Bhadrakumar, writing in The Asia Times  (via NOW Lebanon) assesses that Israel has given up on Turkey as its largest and most powerful regional ally, and has transferred its diplomatic allegiance and political friendship to Cyprus and Greece. … Continue reading

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The Independent, its lies and its obsession with Israeli “revenge”

Once again the UK Independent publishes a story about Israeli revenge. Last week it was about Israel exacting “revenge” for the terrorist attack near Eilat because of course, everyone knows, Israel is unable to act out of purely military concerns … Continue reading

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Palestinian UN statehood bid might lose Palestinian rights

“Hoist with their own petard” are the words that immediately come to mind with this fascinating insider view of the Palestinian bid for UN recognition. Maan news agency writes: BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Palestinian team responsible for preparing the United … Continue reading

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