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Douglas Murray demolishes claims of Iranian “moderation”

One clear-thinker in Britain today is Douglas Murray of the Henry Jackson Society think-tank. Writing in the Spectator he asks if Rouhani’s Iran is serious: A colossal outbreak of wilful optimism has followed from policy makers, ex-policy makers and media. This … Continue reading

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The (im)moderate Rouhani’s charm offensive at the UN and Obama’s appeasement

Following America’s abdication of power in confronting Bashar Assad and his use of chemical weapons, the West’s appeasement of third-world dictators continues. At the UN, many of the world’s politician’s and the international press are falling over themselves to praise … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Having left Sukkot behind just last night we are about to head straight into Shabbat with barely time to catch our breath.  Of course there has been plenty of other stuff to blog about over Simchat Torah but that will … Continue reading

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Simchat Torah 5774 – Chag sameach!

The last and most joyous festival of the Jewish holiday season is almost upon us – Sukkot finishes tonight and Simchat Torah begins. Today, the last day of Sukkot, is known as Hoshana Raba. Here’s a short Hebrew article on … Continue reading

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The Nairobi mall terror siege

The terrorist attack and ensuing siege and hostage taking at the upscale Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, has been ongoing for several days, but Kenyan authorities announced today that all the hostages have been freed, although gunfire was still heard … Continue reading

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The Undiplomatic Diplomat – A Pallywood Production

An incident rather minor on the scale of violence usually occurring in the Middle East has been blown out of all proportion thanks to the participation of a very undiplomatic French diplomat. Starting with the bare facts, the EU demands … Continue reading

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