Apartheid Israel? Who lynches whom?

A couple of days ago two Israeli soldiers, following Waze, a road-directions app, entered the Palestinian town of Jenin by mistake.

Watch this shocking and graphic video if you have the stomach:

Beyond the idiocy of two IDF soldiers following a phone map app blindly without paying attention to their surroundings, let’s analyse this phrase “by mistake“. Why should entering any town anywhere be a mistake? Because for Israelis – ALL Israelis, not just soldiers – entering an Arab town means almost certain attack, lynching, very likely death in a most gruesome manner.

In fact a Jew (not only an Israeli) entering an Arab town is such a dangerous proposition that Waze has an option to “avoid dangerous areas” – a synonym for Arab towns.

Avoid Palestinian territories when using Waze

The fact that this is taken for granted, that we expect worse behaviour than wild animals from the Palestinians, is the real apartheid. It is what has been called “the soft bigotry of low expectations”.   Why should a Jew entering Arab territory be at risk of his life? Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, all wander around Israel with no danger to their life at all. I don’t need to tell you how many Arabs are treated in Israeli hospitals – yes, even Palestinians, even from unrecognized “refugee camps”, even from Gaza.

Not for nothing do you see signs like these outside Palestinian towns:

Do not enter or you will be killed

Apartheid against Israelis

I also want to take issue with an error in the subtitles of the video above. It was not the Palestinian police who came to their rescue. At least not at the beginning. The Palestinian police themselves were the perpetrators! They instigated the violence and they stole the soldier’s weapon according to his own report:

The IDF soldier, in the near-lynch in Jenin earlier on Monday, told family members that his weapon was taken by Palestinian Authority policemen, and it was the policemen that initiated the attack on them, according to a Walla News report.

The family members also told Walla, that the soldier told them that the Palestinian Authority police were not helping them escape the lynch mob, as was reported in the Israeli media.

 In the end, the female soldier managed to pepper spray their attackers, and the male soldier then used that opportunity to drive off to the checkpoint.

In a video taken right before the attack began, the soldiers can be seen surrounded by a crowd, and they are calmly talking on the phone and to the group around them.

It was after that point that the lynch attempt began.

Photos from the checkpoint after their escape show the two wounded soldiers sitting in the back of a pickup truck with Palestinian Authority license plates, so it appears that at some point the soldiers were moved to a PA police vehicle and then driven to the checkpoint.

And the very little that the Palestinian police did do outraged the rest of that benighted population:

While sources in the Palestinian Authority’s security establishment said the rescue was proof of the successful security coordination with Israel, a social media campaign against the police began. Some users dubbed these police officers traitors.

Other users wrote that the rescue prevented the Palestinians from boasting images hearkening back to a similar incident 18 years ago, in which two IDF reservists, Cpl. Vadim Nurzhitz and Sgt. Yossi Avrahami, got lost and ended up driving into the outskirts of Ramallah. They were brought to a police station in Ramallah where they were brutally beaten to death by a mob. A photograph of a Palestinian showing their blood on his hands became an iconic image of the Second Intifada.

With this in mind, let’s look at two incidents that happened at the same time:

And they still accuse us of discrimination and apartheid?

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  2. Reality says:

    its so sick that the Leftist Media here in Israel are disgustingly silent about this.I work in a hospital where staff and patients come in all shapes ,colours and religion.To the extent that last week when 2 patients were in the same room,1 Palestinian and 1 from the religious Haredi community.After the nurses said they wanted to move one of them to a different room ,they both pleaded to be left there as they helped each other.So the nurses kept them together.
    Can you imagine what would have happened if an Israeli would do that?And they keep talking about how we must not take revenge.With behaviour like this ,if it goes on some idiot will take revenge and all hell will break loose

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