Caroline Glick teaches the British a history lesson

I don’t know how I missed this great video from Caroline Glick, (h/t Henry) but even though it’s already 6 months old it is still as relevant as ever. In fact I could have used everything that Ms. Glick said in a debate with one of my commenters earlier today.

The short speech given by Glick was in the framework of the Intelligence Squared debate on the thorny subject of “Israel Is Destroying Itself With Its Settlement Policy” one of those debates where, “more in sorrow than in anger”, Israel is warned of the terrible path it is choosing and how it must be saved from itself.

Caroline Glick not only nails the subject without fail, but she blasts the British for their hypocrisy.

Watch and learn:

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5 Responses to Caroline Glick teaches the British a history lesson

  1. carolmizrahi says:

    Caroline Glick is right on. Kol ha k’vod, Caroline.

  2. Reality says:

    well said-I must say though, that she is a better writer than speaker. But she got her point across very well. My question -why doesn’t anyone else say the same things in more forums?

    • anneinpt says:

      I agree with you about how she speaks, although once she got into her stride she came across much better and less nervous.

      Why don’t more people say the same things? Well, first of all it’s not politically correct, and PC-ness is almost a religion in “right-on” circles today. Secondly, no one is inviting people like Caroline to these forums in the first place – again because she’s not PC.

      So she talks to the “converted” and the leftists do the same and never the twain shall meet besides the odd forum like this.

      I don’t know what the answer is or how it can be changed. Just keep on publishing videos and articles like hers and broadcast them as widely as possible I suppose.

    • Adam says:

      Precisely. Indeed, why doesn’t the Israeli government say this, over and over again?

      I think her nervousness was due to a hostile moron audience who couldn’t think past their own prejudices and hatreds. I think she said she never wants to come back to the UK.

  3. nan abrams says:

    thank you for sharing this video–Glick kicks some booty!!

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