Some Schadenfreude for the week of Purim

The Israel-haters on campus are notorious for shutting down any pro-Israel speech or even neutral-on-Israel speech. We are seeing this at the moment in Israel Apartheid Week events and all the BDS-sponsored riots and mayhem whenever an Israeli speaker comes to town.

Last week we heard the good news that British universities have begun cracking down on IAW as a form of hate speech, mainly because Theresa May’s government adopted the International definition of antisemitism.

And the Israel-haters don’t like this one little bit!

Watch this delicious video in which anti-Israel activists on campus whine about their speech being silenced (via Israellycool):


They do not like their speech being shut down do they?. They can dish it out but they sure can’t take it!

On Purim (which falls next Sunday) there are two intertwined themes: Venahafoch hu – “and it was turned about” – where events turned out the opposite of the expected.

The other is והשיב לו כגמולו על ראשו (veheshiv lo ki’gmulo al rosho) which translates as “his deeds were returned upon his head” – the evil Haman’s plans for murdering the Jews ended up being perpetrated upon himself and his family.

Here we see the very same themes befalling those who claim to be “pro-Palestinians” but are in fact simply Israel-haters. They silenced the Jews, so they are silenced. They shut down pro-Israel events. Their own events were shut down.

Long may this continue!

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16 Responses to Some Schadenfreude for the week of Purim

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  2. Reality says:

    They honestly cannot see the significance of democratically made decisions or that free speech is also applied to Pro Israel supporters.All they can think of is the noise and”righteousness”of their cause,damn everyone else .
    At long last some commonsense has prevailed.Well done Theresa May,may this continue to other universities.

  3. Michael Caplan says:

    The complete lack of self-awareness (never mind self-criticism)! The hilarious inability to compare their own complaints about “lack of freedom of speech” to those pro-Israel voices that they so consistently and proudly shut down! If it weren’t so tragic, it would just be funny. In their black-and-white scheme of things, they could never understand that to truly be pro-Palestinian IS to be pro-Israel, because it means being AGAINST the cynical, manipulative, oppressive, delusional, murderous – and ultimately suicidal – Palestinian regime. It means being pro “everyday people” and contra “corrupt dictatorship”. But then you’d have to support …. the ZIOS!!! Unthinkable.

    So sad.

    • anneinpt says:

      As I said above to Reality: you can’t confuse them with facts. They are so closed minded on their own received wisdom, and yet so open minded re terrorism that their brains have fallen out.

  4. Brian Goldfarb says:

    Further, a law has, apparently, just been passed by the Knesset permitting the barring of those who would promote BDS (and more) from entering Israel. Not surprisingly, this has attracted opposition from the usual Jewish suspects that this is anti-democratic and anti freedom of speech, or some such (step forward and take a bow J Street, et al). Naturally, they avoid noticing that ALL democratic countries reserve the right to bar people without an automatic right of entry whose “presence is not conducive to the public good”. Britain, every so often, bars extremist Imams and has barred fascists; and so forth.

    This is on “all fours” (as lawyers – of whom I am not one – might well say) with general democratic principles: you don’t willingly (if you have any sense) and knowingly undermine your own democracy. And Israel is, therefore, hardly out on a limb in barring proponents of BDS from entering the country. Be mad not to.

    I always note that when it comes to Israel, you’d be surprised how right-wing this “sane lefty” can be!

    • anneinpt says:

      Well spotted Brian, thanks for mentioning the new law and spotting the inconsistencies in the BDS position (surprise surprise).

      And I know you keep insisting you’re an old leftie – but we are beginning to suspect differently! 😀

      • Brian Goldfarb says:

        Anne, please, just because I’m highly suspiciously of Corbyn – let alone see him as unelectable as a potential Prime minister – doesn’t make me a non-lefty, just not part of the rancid left.

        There is a huge difference between the two. Just Ask Dave Rich (author “The Left’s Problem with Jews, one of the organisers of the Community Security Trust and a member of the same synagogue) about that!

        • anneinpt says:

          I love teasing you Brian! 😈

          • Brian Goldfarb says:

            I know, and I fall for it every time!

            I meant to add to my first comment a quote from “Dad’s Army”. Anyone from the UK and of a “certain age” will remember the Clive Dunn character “Corporal Jones”. In 1940, as part of the UK’s Home Guard against a German invasion, he was supposed to have been old enough to have fought in the Boer War (1899-1901) – although the actor was actually significantly younger than his character – and his catch-phrase was “They don’t like it up ’em!” referring to the use of the bayonet. In this case, the BDS mob delights in handing it out, with the use of fake “check-points”, deliberately wrong “alternative facts” and so forth. However, as soon as someone invokes the actual law against discrimination, etc, they cry over the attack on their rights.

            It never occurs to them, in their faux innocence, that others have rights too…actually, they know that others, such as Jews and other supporters of the right of Israel to exist in peace and security, have rights too. They just don’t care. They care only about their rights to be discriminatory and antisemitic, despite the law.

            I can’t imagine why I don’t feel sorry for them.

  5. Israeli Christian says:

    BDS and IAW are not freedom of speach: they are hate speach. Not in one instance they call for peace, their only goal is violence against Israel, Jews and Pro-Israeli students. Hate speach is followed with the real violence: if Israel is demonised, who will care if it’s attacked by those “beacons of democracy” (ISIS, Iran) and a new holocaust happens. What’s next, freedom of speach for Holocaust deniers and neo-nazis – this must be stopped before it spirals out of control. Instead of this fascistic events we should be talking about real human rights violations like in tyrannies and dictatorships of Iran and Saudi Arabia, ethnic cleansing of Sephardi; constant attacks on ancient Middle Eastern Christian communities. The situation in Holy Land cannot be taken out of context of a permanent struggle between judeo-christian and muslim world.

    • anneinpt says:

      Well said IC. A favourite saying of mine (which I stole from elsewhere) is that liberals are so open minded their brains have fallen out. Those who have sympathy for BDS and IAW, or even those who simply think we shouldn’t be so harsh on them, fit into that category.

      • Brian Goldfarb says:

        On this topic, I returned from our recent visit to the US to visit the family with a t-shirt from the Newseum in Washington DC (a museum of the mostly but not only print media) which bears the slogan “freedom of speech is not a licence to be stupid”. Should I ever get round to having a blog of my own, that will be on the mast-head, rather as “Harry’s Place” has the slogan “freedom, if it means anything, is the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear”!

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