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Snowstorm roundup and pictures

I would have posted this earlier except we had a 3 hour power cut earlier. And we didn’t even get one drop of snow! Obviously the electric company are struggling to restore power to Jerusalem, Judea & Samaria and the … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

It’s time for another Good News Friday installment and I apologize for publishing so close to Shabbat. My first item for this week is all about Israeli researchers who have engineered a heart of gold – literally! Scientists at Tel … Continue reading

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The surreal madness of Israel’s aid to Gaza

One short and concise article in Arutz Sheva (h/t Mum) about Israel’s Electric Company (IEC) fixing some downed lines in Gaza summarizes all that is madly surreal with regards to Israel’s much-maligned and barely existent”blockade”.  (Emphases are mine): The photographs … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Here’s another in my Good News Friday series. The first and most important piece of news is actually something that’s been ongoing for a while: Canada’s transformation, under PM Stephen Harper, into Israel’s strongest supporter in the world. Back in … Continue reading

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Israel’s new energy developments

In more good news that is a direct result of other good news, we read that an undersea electricity cable, the longest in the world, is to be laid between Israel, Cyprus and Greece, powered by Israeli and Cypriot natural … Continue reading

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Israel’s Tamar gas field to start producing gas in 2013

This excellent piece of news will also be the largest deal of Israel’s economy. (h/t Elder of Ziyon). The Israel Electric Corporation on Thursday received permission from the company’s board of directors to purchase natural gas from the Tamar gas … Continue reading

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