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Good News Friday

The lazy summer days have arrived together with the heat, although we haven’t yet reached the height of the summer yet and it’s bound to get hotter. Nevertheless I’ve been enjoying doing not very much at all, even though this … Continue reading

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Mubarak’s release, misreading the Muslim Brotherhood and Sinai chaos

It appears that former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been cleared of all charges and is about to be released, according to his lawyer: Hosni Mubarak, the former Egyptian president overthrown in an uprising in 2011, will be released from … Continue reading

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America’s Egyptian conundrum

Despite the Obama Administration’s fumblings in Egypt one can also feel a little sorry for them. On the one hand they did not like the idea of a Muslim Brotherhood government leading Egypt, and Morsi’s actions while he was in … Continue reading

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After the revolution, what now for Egypt?

Post-coup in Egypt, we are left with the question of “what now?”.  Has this quasi-coup been a good thing or a bad thing? Is it good for the Jews? And for the West too. Several people have attempted to answer … Continue reading

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Egypt’s instability undermining the revolution

Now that Mohammed Morsi has been deposed, it is worth considering the multiple problems besetting Egypt, and how they are going to influence Egypt’s recovery – or lack of it – and how they will affect the wider region. First, … Continue reading

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Egypt – Mohammed Morsi deposed by the Army

The Egyptian Army’s threats to depose President Mohammed Morsi if he did not resign by Tuesday afternoon were carried out today, with the Army effectively deposing the President: Egypt’s armed forces overthrew elected Islamist President Mohamed Morsi on Wednesday and … Continue reading

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