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Meltdown in Egypt

The anti-army, pro-Morsi protests in Egypt have been growing larger and more violent by the day, and with them so has the army’s response to these protests. The army’s response as well as violence from the protestors has resulted in … Continue reading

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A second Egyptian revolution?

Egypt appears to be on the verge of another revolution, or possibly even a civil war, as we read in this prescient report of Yisrael Hayom from Friday: Two and a half years have passed and the Egypt of today … Continue reading

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Egypt and Syria go pear-shaped

In my previous post I mentioned the anti-Morsi demonstrations that were taking place in Egypt in protest at President Morsi’s sweepting appropriation of powers for himself.  The protests were violent enough to cause Morsi to flee his presidential palace overnight. … Continue reading

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What’s happening in Egypt?

It seems that every day brings contradictory news to the day before and it’s very hard to keep track of who is in power, who is in jail, who is demonstrating and who is keeping his head down. In the … Continue reading

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