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Syrian civil war edges closer to Israel

Over the weekend we learned that 7 Syrian fighters who were injured near the border with Israel were first treated by IDF personnel and then taken for further treatment in hospital in Israel Ziv Hospital “An IDF force administered medical … Continue reading

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Egypt and Syria go pear-shaped

In my previous post I mentioned the anti-Morsi demonstrations that were taking place in Egypt in protest at President Morsi’s sweepting appropriation of powers for himself.  The protests were violent enough to cause Morsi to flee his presidential palace overnight. … Continue reading

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Why are African refugees solely Israel’s problem?

A group of Eritrean refugees has become trapped on Israel’s border with Egypt after trying to cross illegally into Israel, behind the new security fence that has finally been constructed along the border’s length.  Israel is refusing to allow entry … Continue reading

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Disproportionate response for me but not for thee

Perhaps I should rearrange the title because it’s meaning could be read two ways. It could mean either that a disproportionate response is permitted for me but not for thee, or that my actions are considered disproportionate but not yours. … Continue reading

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Update on Egyptian border terror attack

More details about yesterday’s terror attack have emerged, and they make for a very scary read, according to this report from the Times of Israel: The terrorists who smashed into Israel at the Kerem Shalom border crossing on Sunday night … Continue reading

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“No injuries or damage reported”

A typical newspaper report about the violence emanating from Gaza reads something like this from  Friday’s Ynet: Two Qassam rockets fired from northern Gaza Friday exploded in open areas in the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported. Earlier, … Continue reading

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